Secret Baby

Tanya Gilford | Drama | Ongoing

Mia lives in a small town in Texas. She had a baby at the age of 19, but kept the identity of her daughter's father a secret, earning her a reputation. He returns and discovers they have a child together, but is engaged to another woman. Will he give up everything to be with his little family? Or will Mia find love somewhere else?

The Italian Don

author-avater NelleJ | Drama | Ongoing

"I f*****g hate you!" I screamed at Lukas. His low chuckle chilled me to the bone and I involuntarily took a step back from him, as he took a few menacing steps forward. "You weren't saying that when I had you tied to my bed, with my face buried between your thighs." He sneered. Fury took over me, and before I could think about it, I was in front of him, my hand swinging back to punch him in the face. Before my hands could touch his face, he grabbed my wrists, pulling me against him. I thrashed against him, trying to free myself, only to brush against the stiff erection in his shorts. "Now listen to me, and listen to me very well Rhea. You're going to do what the f**k I say, or I will kill all your family members one by one. Starting with your papà. Got me?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lukas Cavalli. A name that struck fear in people's heart. He is known for being cold, ruthless and a downright bastard. He preyed on those who were weaker than him, using their weaknesses to his advantage. He had to. He was the Boss of the Italian Mafia. He had many people try to take him down already, had some of his own turn on him, but he always remained untouchable. That is, until he met Rhea Castallenos. The fiery little beauty who was not afraid to tell him where to shove it. Rhea Castallenos didn't know she'd end up in this situation. With her father's company almost bankrupt, she wanted to help in whatever ways she can, but not like this. Not being sold to one of the person's she f*****g despises the most. Rhea and Lukas are complete opposites. But maybe they're just what each one needs....

The Bad Boy Protects Me

AyrGal89 | Drama | Ongoing

Avery Freeman, the new bad boy in school, your typical bad boy. He has trouble written all over him. I knew I should stay away from him, but he had other ideas. From the day he started at my school, he had his eye on me, he decided I was not getting away that easy. I should run, right? Wrong, he came at the right time. He appeared when everything else at school was falling apart. Maybe it is true when they say never judge a book by its cover; I learned that when he showed up. Who knew when everyone else was making my life a living hell, the bad boy would be the one to protect me from it all? Then again, Life isn't ever that easy. He is the bad boy at the end of the day, and sometimes they don't change.

Intoxicated With You

Juliet Spencer | Drama | Ongoing

Misunderstood loner girl, Blake, with a life she hides from the world. A family who won’t claim her. Blake tries to hide from the world only to be pulled into a world she never knew existed. Can she save herself or will she die trying?

My Bosses Pretend Lover

AyrGal89 | Drama | Ongoing

When I first started as Mr. Hayes assistant over two years ago he was happy, sweet, a great boss. A man who had everything anyone could want. That all changed six months when his wife... The love of his life left him for another man. He went from the man that believed in true to love to using woman only for pleasure. He went from happy to dark...sweet to bitter and became so closed off from everything he became a shadow of himself. He was no longer the man that had everything. He changed but I never realized my life was gonna change too when one day he called me to his office asking me to do something. He shouldn’t...ask me to do something that I should have said no to. The day he asked me to pretend to be his lover to get back at his soon to be ex-wife who was rubbing her new relationship in his face. Why did he choose me when he was surrounded by a woman more beautiful than me... a woman who wanted him in ways I never, well so I thought...he asked me because I was the one his wife disliked from day one.

Forensic Imperial Concubine

Erika | Drama | Ongoing

forensic expert of the 21st century finds herself at the wrong end of a mysterious criminal organization when she accidentally discovers something in a body she was dissecting. Forced to flee, Harper Chu decides to travel across time and uncover the tangles she has gotten into by pretending to be the daughter of an official of the Bright Dynasty. With her family members not on her side, and a Prince getting intrigued by her unusual skills, will she be able to save and avenge herself, all the while managing to keep her cover intact?