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Chapter 4 . Not my Luna


I was eating, having wine, and chatting with the other Alphas, their respective Lunas, and some Betas when the most delicious smell overtook my wolf, and I

Strawberries and wildflowers.

Sweet, fresh, and cozy. My wolf, Max, was howling desperately inside my head, pacing around like a rabid animal. Only one word dominated our shared mind, MINE.

I looked at the table where the daughters of the Alphas and Betas were sitting, looking for her. But she wasn't there, the smell was coming from somewhere else. It was getting stronger, it was approaching us, putting us under its sensual spell.

Max was urging me to stand up and roam around, not stopping until we found the owner of the magic smell. Our mate. Our Luna. Until we had her in our arms, with her legs wrapped around us and moaning our name.

"Luna. We've got to find her, Hunter! Stand up!" My wolf ordered.

But we must do what every good hunter does, wait. Even though the restless wolf in my head couldn't understand it right now. She was coming, going around would be of no help.

The smell was so close that I felt as if I could touch it. I turned around and my eyes met soft light brown ones. Her eyes were opened wide and displayed the gleam of recognition. They resembled melted caramel, warm and sweet.

"MINE" my wolf and I claimed her in unison. My soul wanted this female. But after I blinked once, the realization hit me.

She was an omega.

That wasn't possible. I couldn't have an omega as a mate, it was unheard of. My Beta, Tyler, was trying to talk to me through our mental link, but I blocked him.

Omega or not, I couldn't take my eyes off her now. Even if I tried, Max wouldn't allow me to; we were both hypnotized by her. She was a very beautiful female, with long and wavy chestnut hair cascading over her shoulders. Her small nose and full lips made her face a pretty combination of delicacy and sexiness.

She was there, petrified, as the other omegas were cleaning something down on the floor. I had just noticed that they had dropped the tray of food. A girl called her and pulled her down.

"Clair? Will you just stand there like a statue?" the girl asked.

"Clair," my wolf muttered in my mind.

My ma… Clair bent down and started helping the other girls.

"Hunter, we have to pick her up and make her ours!" Max insisted.

I just wanted to silence my crazed wolf. "We can't do it."

"At least talk to her, go help her! Are you an idiot? Is there glue under your ass?" he asked, growling impatiently.

"Max, we can't! Can't you see? She is an omega," I told him.

"She is still my mate," he replied.

I inhaled deeply and played the memories of our destroyed pack and our miserable packmates in our shared mind, trying to make him understand my point.

"We need a strong Luna," he said in an annoyed tone. He didn't like it, neither did I.

Yet, I couldn't stop looking at her, this female had changed my center of gravity; now my mind revolved only around her. But it couldn't be, I needed to be strong and fight this overwhelming feeling.

I remained seated and watched her leave. I felt a little pang at it, but I had to be strong. For my Pack.

I looked back at the 12 Alphas, Betas, and six Lunas; they were all looking at me with shocked expressions. I was glad the Alpha King wasn't at our table. I wouldn't like to face his judgment for being the only Alpha in the history of the Realm to have a weakling as his fated mate, an omega. The Goddess had to be joking. I wondered if it was some sort of punishment.

"What just happened here?" Hector, the youngest Alpha among us, asked.

He was the Alpha of the neighboring pack; quite nice and mature for his age. In the last few months, we became good friends.

"Nothing…" I tried to dismiss him.

"As you all know, Hunter's wolf has a very special sense of humour. Max is a prankster. He was only making one of his jokes," Tyler added, coming to my rescue.

"Max, you almost got me with this one!" one of the Alphas, Fergus, exclaimed, chuckling as he tapped my back.

"That poor girl got so nervous because of your joke! Clair is a great girl; you and Max shouldn't have done that!" Hector scolded, glaring at me.

Did Hector know her? Of course, he did! Max growled, annoyed in my head. We didn't like the idea of Hector or any male close to our Luna. She wasn't our Luna! I told myself again. However, I couldn't avoid feeling very possessive of her. I held back another growl.

"She is just an omega; don't overthink it, Pup!" Fergus added, unsettling Hector.

Even though he was only 18, he was a very strong Alpha, and he hated when others, more exactly Fergus, called him ‘pup'. Hector let out a low growl, making Fergus cower and shrink a bit onto his chair. He had it coming. Hector's wolf was very dominant, and he knew how to put others in place when it was needed.

"You know that it is a no-go, right?" I heard Tyler's worried voice in my head.

"I know." I sounded more hesitant than I expected. I wasn't as sure as I wanted to be.

"Taking her as your mate would ruin everything we spent decades fighting for. Your father was a selfish man, he put himself, his needs, and desires above the pack and ended up ruining everything. You are a much better male than him, Hunter. You should put the pack, our pack, first," Tyler said.

"I know," I mind-linked him.

"Hunter, I am not only saying that as your Beta, but also as your best friend, because you are like a brother to me. Reject her, otherwise, this omega will be the downfall of the Black Forest pack. A shame, a stain for yours and the pack's reputation, she will ruin everything," Tyler added.

He was right.

~ * ~

After dinner, I looked for the girl. I was leaving for my pack in the morning; I couldn't be a jerk and just leave without saying anything to her.

I walked around the omega's floor in the castle, trying to catch her amazing scent. But I had no luck. Then, I saw another omega, the one that was serving food with her earlier.

"Hello, have you seen Clair?"

She cast her eyes down, "Alpha… Clair?"

"Yes, an omega with chestnut coloured hair, light skin, and brown eyes." …Gorgeous brown eyes.

"An omega?" she replied. This girl was as helpful as an echo.

"Yes, an omega named Clair. Have you seen her? Do you have any idea where she can be?" I asked again.

Max was growing impatient inside my head. Even though we had decided that Clair couldn't be our Luna, he urged me to see her. I had to control his low growls; scaring the small omega in front of me even further would be of no help.

"Oh… if she isn't in the 3rd room on the left, she must be in the medical wing. It's on the third floor on the ri…" she was saying when Max growled loudly, and I couldn't contain it. The girl cowered, taking several steps back until her back met the wall. Max was filled with worry and so was I.

"Is she hurt?" my voice sounded gruff, showing that my wolf was on the surface.

"No… she works there," she said, still trembling.

I thanked the girl and went to find Clair. When I entered the medical wing, her delicious scent was everywhere, and I followed it until I arrived at a small room. She sat there, reading something. Her small, cute frame curled on an accent chair. Max and I only wanted to hold her, cuddle with her. But we knew we shouldn't. I knew better than him, he was howling-crying inside my head.

She looked up at me and her mouth opened in a gasp. She was so pretty. My eyes trailed down to the delicate curve of her breasts; a few strands of silky, chestnut hair fell onto her cleavage. Her milky skin looked so smooth; it called my fingers, my touches, my kisses.

She stood up, almost jumped, and walked a bit closer to me.

"Clair…" her name rolling off my tongue sounded right.

"Yes?" she asked. My eyes traveled down her body; she was small, but a bit tall for an omega. She wasn't skinny or curvy, but something in between, just as I liked it. As my mate, she had to be perfect for me, which made it that much harder. "Can I help you with something?" she asked again after I had gazed at her without saying a word for almost a full minute.

"I want to talk to you." She only nodded in response. "We are fated mates, we both know that well. However, we can't be together. I'm an Alpha, the Alpha of a thriving pack and I need a strong Luna to lead by my side," I said.

"I understand," she answered simply.

"What?" I questioned, confused.

I expected her to behave, or at least look, sadder.

I expected her to beg, or at least ask me, to reconsider it.

Many omegas would do anything for the possibility of becoming the lover of an Alpha. But this girl seemed unfazed when she just lost the opportunity to become a Luna.

"I understand that you want a strong Luna. A mate that isn't an omega. That is what you meant, am I right?" Clair asked.

"Yes, it is. You can't be my Luna."


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