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Kyle's POV (1 Year Later)

I remember when I was younger my mom used to tell me how her and my father met; how when they first locked eyes everything felt right. It felt like she was alive for the first time. I could still remember how I yearned for that feeling, wanting to find that one person who made me feel that way, to understand and experience the same love my parents share for each other. Now, when the chance was finally presented to me, I blew it. I rejected my mate all because of her status in high school. Idiot.

When she first left, I was already heartbroken; regretting my decision instantly the moment she walked out of the front door. I wanted to make it up to her, wanted to try and speak to her and apologize; perhaps even trying again. I wanted to be the perfect mate she deserved but those dreams shattered when I tried calling her the first time.

It took a lot of convincing when it came to asking my dad for Skylar's number. He was the last person I wanted to go to but seeing as I had gone around the entire school asking for her number, no one would give it to me, especially her friends.

When I explained everything that had happened with her to him, he was livid, as he should be. At first, he refused to give me her number, stating that I didn't deserve a second chance. I knew he was disappointed in me; it was clear as day on his face, and it just made me regret my decisions even more. What made everything worse was my mother had heard every word. She was crying when she walked into the room, looking at me in such pain. I wanted to cry with her too but I knew I deserved it; I deserved all the pain I was experiencing for what I had done. Though even with that pain she carried she stood by my side and managed to convince my dad to give me her number, well one of her brothers' numbers.

At first, I wanted to go to where she was staying but I also knew that wouldn't be possible, no one knew an exact location unless you were invited there, and if you were you had to keep the location confidential. So, I stuck with just trying to call her.

"Hello? Liam speaking." I heard over the phone. I could feel my palms begin to sweat and feel my words not wanting to come out. He repeated his sentence again and yet still no words escaped my lips.

"Screw this, I'm hanging up_"

"Wait!" I interrupted, finally finding my voice.

"Liam, I was wondering if I can please speak with your sister. It's Kyle speaking." The second I said my name I heard him growl through the phone, yup they definitely knew what happened. I was about to speak again, to try and apologize but he interrupted me, delivering the most heart-breaking news I've ever had to hear.

"You can't speak to her. My sister took her life because of you, her own mate. You didn't deserve her. You're an arrogant little boy who believes the world owes him everything his little, selfish heart desires. My family will never forgive you for this; I hope you're happy." He growled out before hanging up.

I stood still in that moment for what felt like an eternity, trying to process everything he had said. Next thing I knew everything in my room was completely trashed and my father was in front of me, asking what happened. I broke down and told him everything Liam had said, tears streaming down my face. Part of me thought about joining her but I also knew that I had a pack to lead. A part of me believing that she wouldn't have wanted me to do that.

After many days of being cooped up in my room, wallowing in my pain and sadness my mother had enough, barging into my room and telling me how Sky wouldn't want this. She knew Skylar quiet well from what I gathered. She told me how Sky use to come by the pack house, helping whenever it was needed; helping with the pack pups usually. Every day she'd come into my room, trying to get me to get out of bed by telling me more stories of my mate and how amazing she was. I appreciated what she was trying to do but frankly it was just making me sadder. Eventually though I finally came out of my slump, deciding to live the rest of my life the way Skylar did. I now lived my life with a heart full of kindness and compassion, no more caring about how others viewed me.

I was going to be the Alpha my pack deserved, be the man Skylar deserved.

My friends questioned my change in attitude so I told them the truth; before no one had known about Skylar aside from her family, my parents and her friends. They all were angry in the beginning, soon realizing that they were no better than I was. They hurt her too and now she was gone. Our Luna was no more.

The year slowly passed by, each day without Sky causing me more pain but I hid it from everyone. I needed to be there for my pack. I knew that even though she was gone I could never be with another woman, just thinking about how I didn't save myself for my true mate always made me feel disgusted. I couldn't change the past, regardless of much I wish I could.

The day finally came where Sky's family was to return; even though they loathed me, her brothers agreed to still being my Beta's, along with informing me they had found their mates. Also stating more people were returning with them. I allowed it, not that I wouldn't have, but I was now Alpha. My father had passed the title down to me a couple months ago. I was proud to be my packs leader but I always kept wishing to have my Luna by my side.

Standing with my friends outside the school I listened to their conversations though my mind continued to drift off into its own world, a world where Sky was mine and we were in love. I know it would never be true but it still didn't keep me from wishing.

Soon enough I saw Sky's brothers and their mates walking up from the parking lot. They all looked so happy and in love, causing me to yearn even more for Sky. When they saw me, they glared with more hate than I could ever imagine; I deserved it, I knew that. What confused me though was after that glare from Liam he just looked at me in amusement. I decided to shrug it off, thinking that he was pleased with my pain.

When my friends and I were about to walk inside we saw five motorcycles pulling up. Four of them climbed off of their bikes, taking off their helmets. One was a girl with long blonde hair that flowed down to her waist. She was small but she carried herself with so much confidence; she was strong and she knew it. The other three were guys, all looking pretty similar in build.

The last girl though, the one still sitting on her bike intrigued me somehow. It looked as if she was debating with herself about something even though I couldn't see her face. She had no scent, amongst all of them she was the only one who didn't smell like a werewolf while her friends did. I was glued to the spot, something inside of me wanting to see who this girl was. After what felt like an eternity she finally climbed off of the bike, removing her helmet.

That's when everything stopped for me. I could hear people all around us gasping in shock but I paid them no mind. It's impossible. She's dead. Her brother told me himself, why would he lie?

Oh yeah...

My gaze never left her as she turned to her friends, smiling brightly. Her hair was longer, no longer a chocolaty brown but now a midnight black. She was still stunning even after all this time. It was Sky. Sky was alive. It was the first time since she was gone that I felt my wolf stirring inside my head, howling at the realization that his mate was still here.

They slowly made their way towards the front entrance of the school, walking past us and that's when I finally caught her scent. I can't understand why I only smelt her now but just the mere hint of her was driving my senses crazy.

She was really here; this wasn't all some sick kind of joke. My mate was here and I knew, by some miracle, I was given another chance to try and win her back and make up for the worst mistake of my life.