HOME Romance The Summer Moon

Chapter 8


"You know Tyrese?!" Emily's voice came loudly behind me and I nearly fell off the chair. I stood to my feet and faced her, feeling my cheeks warm up. Had she been watching everything? I anxiously pulled on my shirt, suddenly wishing I had worn a sweater.

"Um yeah I met him yesterday," I mumbled, feeling so embarrassed. Yes, I was the girl totally making out with a guy she had only just met.

"Girl, don't be embarrassed, he is totally hot. He's one of my brother's best friends. Actually, he and his family are kind of a big deal around here. Honestly, I'm surprised he's even here tonight, he hasn't been around very much lately." Emily wrapped her arm around my shoulder and I only blushed more. Why couldn't Ty have been just some stranger at the airport and not well known to the only friends I had made here so far? I wondered what she meant by his family was a big deal. Maybe they owned some sort of business? My mind flashed back to the airport, remembering how quickly Ty had turned serious as he answered that phone call."Where did he go? Is he coming back?" Emily suddenly interrupted my thoughts. She was looking around us, searching the crowd for him and I nodded my head. Turning back towards me, her eyes went a little wider.

"He actually just went to get us some drinks," I felt my voice get quiet as I saw Tyrese approaching with two red solo cups in his hands. He smirked at me, coming closer, and I felt the blush deepening on my cheeks once more. He handed one of the cups towards me and I felt his arm snake around my waist, pulling my body towards his.

"Emily," he smiled at her politely and nodded his head towards her. They were silent for a moment, but I watched as Emily looked between him and his arm around my waist. Then suddenly, her eyes went wide as she came to stare at me.

I looked up at Ty and he turned to smile at me. He hadn't said anything to her, but her attitude had changed so quickly. Was something going on between them? "Um, do you want to dance?" I asked Ty, hoping to get out of the awkward moment as soon as possible. Ty's eyes lit up.

"Absolutely," he said, leaning down to kiss my cheek. Whatever the look on her face was, it wasn't jealousy, but I was still left confused.

"I'll see you later Em," I smiled at her and was surprised when she jumped forward to hug me.

"Call me later, I wanna hear all the details" she whispered in my ear and I blushed once again, just nodding back to her, then began pulling Ty towards the crowd of people dancing. In time with the music, I began to sway my body back and forth against his. Ty wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. With his touch, I instantly felt my body heating up. How did this boy always make me react this way? We ground our hips together, dancing for only a few songs when Ty turned me around so my chest pressed against his. We were both breathing heavily, his eyes filled with lust as his lips came to brush against my ear. "I can't take this anymore, can we go somewhere?" I looked up at him confused as to what he meant, then felt the hardness in his pants as I slid past him one more time. Ty's grip tightened on my waist, his eyes were so dark they almost looked black. I blushed knowing he was feeling just as I was feeling, then surprised myself by nodding my head.

Ty eagerly grabbed my hand and hurried away from the crowd of people. We walked around the side of the house and Ty pushed me up against the brick wall, lifting my legs to wrap them around his waist. Then his lips were on mine, his tongue exploring my mouth. I moaned into him, my hands roaming up the nape of his neck to grasp his hair. I bit down gently on his bottom lip, knowing my body was yearning for more than this. Ty pulled back slightly, his eyes black, and I could tell he was fighting to control himself. My teeth grazed across my bottom lip nervously, I didn't know what it was about Ty that was drawing me in to him, that made me trust him this much. When I was with Brayden I had never felt this kind of need, but Ty was different. Part of me worried about how little I knew about him, making out with a boy who was practically a stranger and wanting more; that was reckless. But maybe I was tired of playing it safe.

I pulled Ty back to me and kissed him again, lifting his sweater and t-shirt up over his head and throwing it on the ground. Ty's lips blazed down my neck, sucking on the skin. One of his hands gripped my ass, holding my body tight against his, while his other hand slid up under my shirt. I let my hands wander down his chest, tracing his muscles and admiring his toned body. My hands stopped over the front of his jeans, and just as I began to unzip them, Ty's body tensed up.

"Slow down baby," he chuckled, then began kissing my neck again. But I didn't want to slow down. I was sure about this, I wanted him. My hands began working on his jeans again but he was quick to grasp both of my hands in one of his and hold them up above my head. "You're too drunk," he kissed my lips lightly and pulled back a little from my body, leaving me feeling needy.

"I'm not drunk, I really didn't drink that much," I blurted out, but he shook his head, laughing again. He released my hands and I took the opportunity to wrap my fingers in his hair and pull him in for another kiss. His lips met mine with the same passion, but he was quick to pull away once more.

"Not like this baby," he whispered in my ear, then let my legs slide back down to the ground. He backed away from me, picking his t-shirt up from the ground and slipping it over his head. I wrapped my arms around my body, suddenly feeling nervous. He had seemed so into this. Why was he now turning me down? Didn't he want this? Had I done something wrong? Butterflies came to my stomach, I wanted to go home. Just as I had earlier, I suddenly felt naked in my tank top, and it was as if Ty could read my mind when he held out his sweater towards me. I shook my head quickly, refusing to meet his eyes. I stared towards the ground intently, trying to hold back the tears I could feel coming to the corners of my eyes. I also felt myself growing more and more frustrated. Why was I getting so worked up over him? He was just some boy, just a stranger. I hardly even knew him.

"Malia," Ty's voice was stern and commanding, and I couldn't help but look up to him. Suddenly, he was sliding his sweater over my head, and that wonderful pine scent was filling my nostrils. My heart swooned a little and I let my arms slide through the sleeves. His smell was almost intoxicating. The sweater hung too big on my body and I pushed the sleeves up above my wrists. Ty's arms were wrapping around my waist, one of his hands coming up to cup my cheek. He kissed me gently, then pulled back and his bright blue eyes met mine. "I'm not screwing you for the first time against the side of my best friend's house, stop being pouty" he winked at me and flashed a charming smile. My cheeks immediately burned and my hands shot up to cover my face. I could feel Ty's chest rumbling with his laugh as he held me against him. "Glad to know how bad you want me though. If you really want it, I could take you home, throw you on my bed and," I gasped, feeling my insides turn warm and tingly, and covering his mouth with my hand before he could say anything else. Ty chuckled, moving away from my hand and burying his head in the nape of my neck. His lips pressed to my skin.

"Ty," I moaned, actually considering accepting his offer.

He surprised me when he pulled back with a more serious look on his face. "We don't have to do anything though if you don't want to. We could just go hang out, get something to eat, maybe watch a movie?" His eyes were soft as they looked down into mine, and his touch so gentle as he brushed my hair away from my face.

I wasn't sure what I wanted with Ty, but I knew I wanted to spend more time with him. Only minutes ago, I wanted to have s*x with him out here in the open, but part of me still only knew him as a stranger, and things were moving really fast between us. I'd never felt as comfortable with someone as I did with him though, which both calmed me and terrified me. But this summer was supposed to be about taking more chances, so with one last deep breath, I took Ty's hand in mine and said "Let's go."