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"What if she rejects you?" My Beta, Xander Payne, asked with concern lacing his words. He didn't have ill intentions, obviously trying to look out for his Alpha but my wolf didn't take too kindly to what he asked.

A growl vibrated in my chest, a warning growl telling him that he better tread lightly, "She won't. I won't allow her too." I simply stated, my wolf stirring at the thought of not having her.

Not again, this won't happen again.

"You can't force her to accept you Silas. From what I heard, she had a mate before and she still seems very connected to that mate," he pointed out, leaning back into the brown leather couch he was seated in. He had his left leg resting over his right knee, elbows resting on the arm rests, and fingers laced in front of him. Clearly, his stance screamed business mode, trying to tell me that he was just stating the facts of the situation.

My wolf felt jealous of the strong bond she had with her past mate. I knew that was uncalled for but I couldn't help it and neither could my wolf. She was going to be mine now, only mine and I'd raise Hell from beneath my feet to make that possible.

"Her mate's dead and unless she wants to kill herself along with me, she won't even think of rejecting this bond," I gritted, pacing across the freshly waxed hardwood floors in the room. The guest room they had put me in wasn't that bad. It's navy blue and silver color scheme was comforting.

"You both have got stronger wolves than the rest of us or maybe it's just the Moon Goddess' way of giving you guys a second chance. Either way, there's no certainty that your wolf would die or her's for that matter."

I stared at the white door that led to an adjoining bathroom directly opposite the bed. The large, square-shaped window allowed an ample amount of light to seep into the room. It was a normal room layout, window facing the entrance of the room, bed in the middle - against the right adjacent wall - and bathroom on the left. Closer to the window were two brown leather couches, overlooking the view of the forest.

Running a hand through my already disheveled hair, I groaned, "When I came here, I expected to sign that God damned treaty and leave. Not more than two days was meant to be spent here and now I'm stuck here for a week."

"You'll be home soon, Silas," Xander soothed, knowing exactly where my mind was going.

With a sigh, I relaxed my stance, "This is going to be one long week."

To that, Xander chuckled, "Yes it is," his bluish-green eyes landed on something outside the window, lips quirking into a little smirk.

I followed his line of sight and found him staring at the dark haired woman who dared to step in my way earlier today, "Mate?" I asked with a raised brow.

He shook his head, "No. I don't think the mate thing is for me anyway," he informed, "but she is a peculiar little thing isn't she?"

I crossed my arms over my chest, "She had the guts to stand up to me for her friend. Her loyalty is strong to her pack members I guess. Doesn't make her any different from the rest of the people in this pack or ours for that matter."

He shook his head yet again, "No, look. She's on that phone of hers as if her life depends on it and she's about to go for a motorcycle ride instead of running like a normal wolf. And didn't you say that was the first wolf you spotted in the club last night before you found that mate of yours. Peculiar doesn't begin to explain that woman."

I rolled my eyes, "One of your conquests then?"

"Maybe," he met my gaze, "I have a lot more important issues to deal with right now. But if I have the time, why not? She's not mated anyway."

Xander had not found his mate yet mainly because he wasn't even looking and because being stuck with one person for the rest of his life didn't appeal to him. He was twenty when he took over the Beta role from his father and I trusted him with my life.

I, on the other hand, was eighteen when I took on the Alpha role and now at the age of twenty six, I had everything down to the T. I stumbled along the way, but I found my footing eventually and my pack respected me as their Alpha.

A knock sounded at my door before my sister leisurely walked in. Cassidy was the youngest of the three siblings and I was obviously the eldest. I had another younger sister, Jasmine, who was mated and living in a pack in South America. She visited as much as she could, which wasn't very often at all.

Now I had to give up another sister.

"Silas, Gino and I are going out tonight. Like a date I guess. You know, to get to know each other and stuff," Cassidy said. I found it precious that she still found the need to inform me of her whereabouts but until she completed the bond with her mate, I was still her Alpha and I guess she still needed my permission.

"That's fine, Cassy."

She looked at me with wide eyes that resembled our father's, dark brown, "You're cool with it?"

I nodded, "He's your mate and as much as I'd like to kill him for touching you, I know he would do anything to protect you." I admitted. My dislike for the boy didn't only stem from him being my sister's mate. It also stemmed from the fact that he was the brother of Grace's mate that had passed on.

Twisted fucking fate.


"When you have time though, we will need to get you transferred into a high school here. Just because you found your mate that doesn't mean you're becoming a drop out, Cassy."

She rolled her eyes at me, "Sure, sure."

"I'm serious, Cassy."

"I know you are," she groaned, waving a hand as if to dismiss the topic, "Are you and Xander doing anything tonight?"

Xander was the one to answer her question, "I'm free."

My sister raised a brow at me to which I just said, "I'm in no mood to go out but you guys have fun. I think I'm just going to go out for a run or something."

"Suit yourself, where are we heading?" Xander asked.

"Monica, the girl that stood up to my brother this morning, she's a street racer and she's racing tonight. Gino is going to make sure she doesn't get herself into any trouble and I'm tagging along," My sister explained.

There was a glint that shone in Xander's eyes, a glint I recognized all too well. Maybe he did have time to make her one of his conquests after all, "I'm in."

My interest was now piqued though. From what I gathered, Grace was very close to Monica and Gino. Wherever they went, I assumed she went too so when my question tumbled out my mouth before I could catch the words, no one in the room looked fazed, "Will Grace be with you?"

Cassy shook her head, "Gino asked but she said she's not up to going out tonight. Something about making a big mistake the last time she went out and not wanting to make another again. Gino didn't really tell me all the details. He said it wasn't his story to tell, whatever that means," she snorted, something my sister did when she felt annoyed. It was probably the mate bond making her wolf jealous of the close relationship Grace and Gino shared.

A growl left my lips at the thought of Grace telling another wolf, a male wolf, about the night we spent together. There was no telling what she thought we did but I definitely did not take advantage of her. If she thought that we fucked or anything like that then she was under some grave misconception.

I took her home last night, surprised that she had an apartment and didn't lead me to her pack. Maybe she thought I was human and didn't want to reveal what she was by mistake or maybe she didn't want to bring an unknown wolf to her pack's territory. With that being said, she was both waisted and smart. However, I couldn't help but think how many other guys she did that with since she had an apartment of her own outside the pack.

"Brother, you good?" Cassy's voice pulled me out of my thoughts, concern dripping in her tone.

I nodded and told them to leave before it got too late. Xander was more than willing to do so, in a rush to get exactly what he wanted tonight. Sometimes I wondered how him and I ever got along and became such good friends in the process. I guess when you're stuck with someone more than half the day, it becomes difficult to hate them forever.

My thoughts drifted back to last night as I sat on my bed. She was dead set getting in my pants and shit did I want to grant her permission but taking advantage of a drunk woman, I had too much pride to do something like that. My mother didn't raise a creep that couldn't think with the right head when he needed it most.

She was uncomfortable in that tight little number she wore. It's red color accentuated her long ginger locks that were absolutely curly. Those blue eyes of hers looked so distant and sad, I wanted to figure out why they held such dismal emotions in them. When she spoke, her voice sounded like an angel singing and those plump lips looked juicy. A straight nose with a generous sprinkling of freckles completed her perfect face.

If that wasn't enough to make a grown man's dick hard then her body sure did the trick.

I peeled off the dress so she could get comfortable but how was I to know that she wore nothing underneath. She laid there, bare on her bed, tits huge and glaring at me in the face with those taut pink nipples of hers. Fuck, just thinking about it now had my dick twitching in my jeans. The sweet, alluring scent of her arousal had my wolf clawing at me, begging to take control so he could have his way. She was clean between her legs, looked so smooth and delicious, but I resisted the urge to do anything with her.

All I did was place the sheets over her and lay there next to her, trying to forget how good she smelt, and how naked she was under the covers. She was out cold by that time, her body pressing against me the entire night. She used me as a pillow the entire night and I was content with that. As soon as dawn hit, I pried her hands off my body and left since I had a meeting with her Alpha.

I admit, leaving a note with the words 'P.S. You're my mate' on it was pretty insensitive. If I could, I would take that back and find a better way to break it to her. I never expected her to take it so badly. Most female wolves were thrilled to find their mates. Of course, most obviously didn't go through what she went through.

Getting fed up with my thoughts, I rolled out of bed and made my way to the forest. Hiding my clothes behind a tree near the pack house, I shifted into my raven black wolf and took off into a sprint through the forest.