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"Mom, can we not talk about this," I groaned, walking up to her and placing a kiss onto her cheek, "I came here with the hope of getting away from it for a while. Just a little while."

"I don't think that's going to be possible because Rykes is on his way to see you," Aphrodite informed, "He's not mad so don't worry about that but he really wants to talk to you."

"Are you sure he isn't mad? I mean, I did attack an alpha wolf that had permission to be on our territory," I began fumbling with my fingers, anxiety rising within me. I was ready to face any punishment he would offer. To attack without reason or cause was against pack law.

"Alpha Silas spoke to Rykes and requested that he let you off with a warning. He seems to understand why you refuse to accept the bond," she said before her eyes glazed over. Aphrodite had the uncanny ability to communicate within a mind link and still talk to someone in person at the same time. I had no idea how she did it, but it seemed to be a special talent possessed only by her.

I snarled at the mention of Silas' name, "I don't need his help. I wish he would just stay out of my business."

"Grace," my mother said in a low warning tone.

"Don't 'Grace' me, mother," I gave her an exasperated look, "You and dad wouldn't know what this feels like because you've been together since you guys met. He's the only mate you've ever known and vice versa. I have these conflicting feelings inside of me right now and I hate having that feeling of betraying Carter. I just can't accept this bond."

"I'm not saying accept it. I'm only saying be more respectful of it. I raised you with the decency to always have manners no matter the situation," my mother said flatly.

I spotted Alpha Rykes' black wolf barreling toward us, his one white ear being the most noticeable thing. He stopped behind a tree, shifting into his human form and changing into the clothes he had in his mouth before stepping out to meet us.

"My Luna," he greeted Aphrodite, the loving look in his eyes as he stared at his mate making me feel even worse than I felt.

I wanted what they had, what my parents had but I wanted it with Carter. He was my first mate, my true mate. If he hadn't given up his life for me that day maybe things would have been better. If I was a normal werewolf that passed on directly after their mate, that would have definitely been better. Instead, I found myself stuck in this position.

"Gloria," Alpha Rykes greeted my mother before turning to me, "Grace, do you mind if we have a little talk?"

Shaking away my thoughts, I replied, "Uh, sure."

The four of us filed into the cottage, heading over to the small dining table my parents owned and taking a seat. The dining table only accommodated four people because there were four people in my family and we hardly received visitors. If we needed to see anyone, we would just take a walk to the pack house. After my sister, Diana, found her mate in a pack located in Washington, she left to stay with him. When I found my mate, we moved into a small cottage of our own but after he passed on, I couldn't stay there anymore. There were just too many painful memories so I ended up at the pack house.

Alpha Rykes cleared his throat, waking me up from my reverie, "About what happened earlier today..." He trailed off, his wife placing a hand on his on top of the table and giving him a reassuring smile, "Alpha Silas has decided to give you a week to think about what you want to do. That is the duration of time he will be spending here."

"And you think a week is long enough for me to change my mind?"

"It may not be but if you still don't want to accept him as your mate then you will have to reject him. We're unsure how that might affect you considering past experiences but we hope your wolf would survive and you will be allowed to stay in this pack," Alpha Rykes informed, "During this week, since you both will be in the same pack house and will eventually run into one another, please try and be civil. If you try to kill him again you could potentially start a war between our two packs."

With a sigh, I relented, "Fine, by next week Saturday, if I still feel the same, I will reject him as my mate."

It made sense that I only had a week to make up my mind. One: alpha Rykes didn't want Silas and his wolves to get too comfortable here. Two: Silas, as the alpha of his own pack, had to get back soon. If rogues found out that Silas was away from his pack for such a long time, they might take advantage of the situation and attack the pack. And lastly, three: because the pull of the mate bond only grew stronger after the first meeting, it becomes difficult to stay away from your mate. The fact that we already slept together didn't help.

Stupid one night stand! First and last time.

After having lunch I made my way over to the pack house. Alpha Rykes had left right after we had our talk, with his wife in hand, leaving my mother and I alone. She didn't push the topic about Silas being my mate and I was grateful for that. My father, Denver Evans, was on border control for the week and would be home late so he was hardly at home during the day but I promised my mother to visit him soon. He most definitely heard that his daughter was proclaimed to be Alpha Silas' mate and he would want to know if it was true or just stupid rumors going around the pack.

Entering the pack house felt like being dumped in the deep end of a pool without knowing how to swim. The looks that came my way by passing pack members and the words that left their lips only irritated me. Sometimes having such good hearing wasn't a benefit. It was even worse when I connected to the pack link. Most of the complaints came from disgruntled girls who wanted to have their way with Silas. They refused to believe that I was Silas' mate, spreading rumors that I had him under some type of spell or some shit.

Well bitches, I don't even want to be mated to the jerk off!

I shut off the mind link completely —something I had been alone a lot lately — and went straight to my room where I found Monica sitting on her bed with a cigarette tucked between her full lips and her phone in her hands.

"Mono, how many times do I have to tell you that I don't want you smoking in the room. Get out!" I gritted, striding over to the window and opening it as wide as possible so fresh air could eliminate the horrid smell of her cigarette.

She stuck her tongue out at me then pressed the lit cigarette onto the soft wet flesh, effectively putting it out. There was a sizzle that could be heard and I internally gagged and cringed at the sight. She then placed the cigarette bud into the ashtray at her bedside.

"I wish you wouldn't do that. It's freaky!"

She shrugged a shoulder, getting up from her spot on the bed and shrugging on her leather jacket over the black tank top she wore. Black ripped jeans covered her toned legs like a second skin and biker boots on her feet, "Sorry, Gracey baby. I'd love to stay and chat, really I would, but I'm racing tonight. Darius got me a slot tonight and the winner gets a cash prize."

Darius was one of Monica's human friends. She had many of them. Although she hated to admit it, even she liked feeling a little normal and living the life of a somewhat ordinary human. Unlike me, she grew up to become an adrenaline junky. At fifteen she got her first motorcycle and had been racing ever since.

"So a usual Saturday night for you then," I groaned, plopping myself onto the bed. My body bounced twice before finally sinking into its comfort.

"Yup, sounds about right."

"Damn, looks like I'm going to be alone then. Now that Gino found his mate, he's going to be stuck to her side like someone lathered superglue on them and mashed them together."

Monica chuckled at that, throwing a pillow at me that landed on my face, "Let the boy have some fun. At least he finally found his mate."

Removing the pillow from my face, I said, "Yeah. Tomorrow we're going to find those Green Forest pack members that came here and see if any of them happen to be your mate."

She rolled her eyes, "If one of them is, then we would be moving to the same pack. It's like I can't get rid of you even if I want to."

I hummed in response, "Hey, be careful tonight. I know you'd like to believe that you're Wonder Woman but..." My sentence trailed off. I didn't want to think of what could possibly go wrong. She had met into countless accidents before but because of her werewolf healing, she came out mostly okay.

"I know, I know. You worry too much. I'll be fine," the sound of our room door opening let me know that she was about to leave, "Don't wait up tonight," she chimed before the sound of the door closing filled the room.

And then I was left in deafening silence. Just me and my thoughts. The perfect way to spend the rest of a Saturday...NOT!