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Dreams are weird. They can be so crazy and magical that you know it's fake, or they can be so realistic that you can't tell what's a dream and what's reality.

I yawned and stretched out my body, I sleepily look over to the clock and scream out of my skin.

"What's wrong!" Mom yelled while barreling through my door. It squealed in pain. I yanked a brush through my hair and attempted to calm my rapid heart.

"It's Monday!" Mom rocked back on her heels and sighed.

"And?" She said while placing a hand on her chest.

"It's almost noon! The Campers are going to kill me!" I scurried to the closet. She hummed in understanding and left me to get ready. I threw on an easy outfit and race out of my room.

"Love you, momma!" I yell back while sprinting out the doors. She yelled back a goodbye. The Campers were one of the meanest families in the pack. I clean their home every Monday and if I wasn't there on time I'd be leaving with a broken bone or two. Learned that from experience. I skipped to a stop on the porch at exactly 11:58. After controlling my panting I knocked on the door. A moment later Mrs.Camper was standing in the doorway. She had steel gray hair and a wrinkled face that looked at me with rage.

"You were almost late," she spat. I bowed my head as she walked away from the door. I followed her in and shut the door as quietly as possible. I turned to see Mr.Camper at the stairs with his foot tapping.

"What other things could you be doing that is more important?" He snapped. When I didn't answer he grabbed my already bruised arm and yanked me up the stairs. I tripped and fell on the top step but this didn't stop him. He dragged me on the floors causing rug burn on the entirety of my left side. He dropped me in front of the bathroom door. I scampered to my feet and stepped inside the bathroom.

"Make it spotless." He growled and slammed the door in my face. I listened to him lock it and stomp off. I sighed and looked around the aqua blue restroom. It wasn't dirty but I figured another sweep through wouldn't hurt. I grabbed some cleaning supplies from under the sink and got to work. While wiping down the sink, I started thinking about the dream I had last night. It was so real that it gave me chills. Who was that in the corner of my room? I jump when someone knocks on the door downstairs.

"Alpha!" The campers say in unison. I growled and threw my rag onto the floor. You've got to be joking! What has got him so worked up? The last time he used me so many days in a row was when his father died.

"Is the Omega here?" He asked monotony.

"Oh, it's upstairs, allow me to fetch it." I snarl. I dart toward the window and rip it open. I squeezed through the small opening and fling myself toward the ground, landing on paws. She greeted me salty.

"Why can't we have a decent relationship?" I ask her softly which she scoffed too.

"You're an Omega, you never say no. Plus you didn't save yourself for your mate." She snapped back.

"Not like I had a choice!" I retort quickly. She didn't respond again. But something else was holding my attention. Across the way from me was a pair of lit eyes. Bluish-green with specks of purple I recognized quickly. The color was so unique I couldn't help but notice every little thing. They vanished but I just shrugged and ran off into the woods. I ran and ran until I thought that I was clear. Right as I was going to stop and take a rest I heard the thudding of footsteps. I sped off and lunged at a thick tree. Digging my nails into the bark, I haul myself up to a wide branch and prayed he wouldn't see me. His black wolf burst through a bush with a wide grin on his face. He looked left to right with his ears perked up. He sniffed the ground and followed my scent up the tree, but before he could find me hidden amongst the branches, a new smell hit both of us. We both froze at the smell of an unknown wolf. Alpha Kane took off quickly. I searched around me in alarm. A wolf with white and gray patterns popped out from the shadows. His eyes were blueish green with spots of violet. I recognized them immediately. I sucked in a harsh breath which caused his ears to twitch. He looked up at my tree and searched for the source of the noise and once our eyes locked I felt the blood stop in my veins. His stare lit me on fire. He turned and took off into the deep forest. I took a moment to gather my thoughts before slowly and awkwardly climbing down the tree.

"Vikki, don't you think that wolf is strange? He's most definitely not a rogue wolf, I can smell his powerful aura. Gamma, Beta, or even another Alpha. But why would he be roaming around here?" She huffed and started to think it over herself. She churned in curiosity.

"It is quite strange," she thought. "I wonder who he is. Nevermind that, let's just get home to mom." I smiled in agreement and ran in the direction of home. I didn't make it though, I got tackled by...well you know who.

"Where did you run off to! There are rouges out here! You can't do that whole running off thing d*mmit!" Kane yelled at me. His wolf snarled over top of me. I look up at him in confusion the rose a cocky brow.

"Does someone care for me now?" I quirked. Victoria snicked but Kane growled and shoved off of me. He scanned the trees.

"Please, me? Care about you? Don't be silly!" He roared in laughter which had me rolling my eyes. I roll to my feet and put a good distance between us.

"Then why did you chase me? What are you mad I could be in danger?" I retort quickly. He bared his teeth and swished his tail. I press my stomach to the ground and find a nice rock to look at. He snapped his jaws at me and pressed his ears back.

"If you weren't apart of my pack, I could care less about what happened to you." He snarled. "You're worthless and the only thing you're good for is a toy." He spat. Victoria started to growl, I attempted to pull her back but she was stronger and took control. I grasped for control back but she didn't budge. Her growling got louder and she looked up at him from the ground.

"What? You gonna bite me?" She pushed off the ground and snapped at him, her teeth bared and her eyes red.

"Don't you dare growl at me." His large wolf toward over me, her legs wobbled under her at the authority. She lowered herself back down but she continued to growl. She licked her drying teeth and let out a nasty snarl. I would have paled but Vikki was relentless.

"Stop your growling you dense omega!" Victoria lunged at him but he dodged easily. He scoffed before a wide grin plastered across his face. He licked the side of his lips as they slowly start to circle each other. I frantically tried to take control.

"Nice to see you Victoria," he growled. "No way this is Nicole, she doesn't have the guts." He began to toy with her. Vikki snapped at the empty air between them but he only chuckled.

"Are you tired of being an Omega? Is that what this is about? Or do you hate being my f*ck toy?" He quirked with a smirk. She sprung at him, digging her nails into his back and her teeth into his spine. He jumped in surprise and growled loudly. He grabbed her tail and swung her through the air until she collided with a tree. She let out a yelp of pain when she thudded against the ground.

"Oh really?" He said darkly, walking toward her. Finally, she let me take control.