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Caleb's Point of View

Being an Alpha means that I must do things on occasion that I do not want to do, the Mabon Ball is one of those things. I hate being surrounded by people, all of them trying to kiss up to the Alpha. I have a strong dislike for fake people. I would much rather be running through the woods, patrolling my borders, or training with my warriors. Unfortunately, politics demand that I attend this function.

I have been the Alpha of my pack since I was fourteen years old. My father and mother the previous Alpha and Luna were murdered by rogues. I was one of the youngest Alphas and because of that I pushed myself to be the best. I can say with pride that my pack is one of the largest packs in the north west. We are also one of the strongest packs. I train my warriors without mercy. I also take pride in the fact that we are one of the wealthiest packs. I push every pack member to excel in knowledge as well as strength. Out of this many of my members are thriving business owners.

The Silver Moon pack is much smaller than mine, but they were chosen by the council to host this years Mabon Ball. I really considered declining to attend, but my Beta reminded me that I am twenty years old and have yet to meet my mate. This is a growing concern for my pack because an unmated Alpha can become extremely dangerous.

Being a werewolf means that you have a destined mate, once you turn eighteen you produce a certain hormone that can be smelled by your mate. This is how destined pairs find each other. Someone that not only brings you peace in your human form but brings peace to your wolf. This is vitally important to Alphas. The longer an Alpha goes without finding their mate the more aggressive their wolf becomes. If unmated for too long the wolf will dominate the shape shifter, and rational thought will cease to exist. Lately my pack has noticed that my patience has been thin. I am snapping at the slightest of nuisances and it has everyone worried. It is now my mission to find my mate and restore balance to myself and my pack.

"I don't think they anticipated us arriving so soon Alpha."

My Beta Theo remarks, and I am snapped out of my thoughts. Looking around at the Silver Moon pack house I believe his thoughts are right. I see several pack members scurrying back and forth as if they were unaware that we were coming.

This is a complete waste of time; I highly doubt my mate is in this place. They are unorganized, and completely unprepared. I use my mind link to speak with my Beta. Werewolves have excellent hearing and I prefer not to say my words aloud.

They are a small pack, perhaps they did not know that we would be arriving early. Let's try to give them the benefit of a doubt and make a good impression. Theo mind links back to me. He is right unfortunately. Although they are a smaller pack, the Silver Moon pack are one of our closest neighbors and allies. Which means I need to be on my best behavior.

As we arrive at the pack house, Theo steps forward and announces us. Theo has always been my Beta. Unfortunately, the night my parents died, his died as well. We have trained together ever since, and he is the closest thing to family that I have. Our grief bonded us together and he has always been a shoulder I lean on when needed.

"Alpha Caleb, may I present Alpha Jason and Luna Amanda." These words are spoken by what I assume is the Beta of this pack.

"Alpha Caleb we were not expecting you so soon" Alpha Jason says.

Theo can tell that I am already irritable, so he speaks for me.

"We arrived early to see if you needed any help with the preparations." I can always count on Theo to act diplomatically. He has made it to where it seems like I arrived to help.

"Yes, it is very great to finally meet you Alpha Jason in person. Please forgive our early arrival." I am finally able to speak gently.

"It is no problem at all, truly we are delighted at your arrival." As she is speaking the Luna places he hand on my arm and instantly my wolf is growling. I hate to be touched.

"Well please come in and we will get you settled." The Beta's voice stops me from snapping. The Luna removed her hand, and my wolf settled down instantly.

I followed them into the pack house, and I was pleasantly surprised. For a smaller pack, their pack house was a decent size, and it was delightfully clean. I loved the wooden tones, and the coordinating colors. Who ever decorated the pack house knew what they were doing. The Luna was offering to give a tour of the house, I was searching for a polite way to decline when once again Theo saved me.

"We appreciate everything you are doing for us Lune; however, we have had a long journey and would appreciate if someone could show us to our rooms."

"Of course I will take you there myself." I was surprised by the Luna's words. Usually escorting guests to their rooms would be the role of the Omega. I was just relieved to be away from so many people. I hate large groups, small talks, and pretty much anything I deem to be a waste of my time.

The Luna led me to a wonderfully decorated green room. I noticed immediately that it was pointed to the south which was great because it meant that I could look towards my home. I immediately opened the French doors and the windows so that the breeze could infiltrate my room. There was a unique smell in the room it was very faint but even my wolf took notice. This was a scent that stirred something with in us. Soft subtle pine musk, with hints of rosemary and gladiolas is the best way that I could describe this scent. It was a mesmerizing scent, that made my wolf purr.

Could this be the scent of my mate?