HOME Werewolf Desert Storm (Complete) (Book 2 to Desert Series)

Allie's P.O.V.

"They're triplets," I tell Amber and Ronnie.

"WHAT!?!" they both exclaim at the top of their lungs making Molly look back from her little space on the jet.

"Hold on, are you saying that they are Alpha triplets?" Ronnie asks. Dorian and I just nod.

"Deacon is the oldest I'm assuming then?" Amber askes.

"Yup. Apollo is the middle and Lucian is the youngest," I reply.

"Lolo is Apollo and Luci is for Lucian?" she asks, and I nod.

"Why do you all have pet names for each other?" Ronnie asks.

"Term of endearment is the only explanation I have,"

"Little brother?" Amber says looking at Dorian in complete shock and confusion.

"Look, it's weird, I know. But that's all they are, nicknames and pet names. Terms of endearment like Allie said. They don't cross any boundaries and all three are very respectful of our marriage. They don't even hug her, she hugs them,"

"Besides, they call Dorian 'big man'," I say in defense

"Well, that's because Dorian is a big man," Ronnie replied pointing out the obvious.

"Wait, so how tall are these guys if they are calling Dorian 'big man'?" Amber asks.

"Ummm…I would say 5'11 or 6ft. They're shorter than Mikey buy an inch or two and he's 6'2, so," I reply. "They're physically fit, but they're not as big as the guys in our pack. I like to compare them to Michael B Jordon. You know, the caramel African American skin tone and killer body," I see Amber think for a minute and then see the lightbulb go off in her head.

"Oh, they're basically really delicious milk chocolate men?" Ronnie growls at her response. "Oh, stop it, honey,"

"Physical appearance aside, they're really sweet, when you're on their good side," I tilt my head and continue. "Deacon is the most protective, naturally since he's the oldest, and he doesn't take shit from anyone. When you're on his good side, he is the most loyal person there is. But he's a natural-born killer. He is strong and lethal when he has to be. Apollo, his temper isn't as bad, but when he does get mad, run away, because he's like a fucking pissed off rhino and Lucian, he's the silent angry type,"

"Have you seen these sides of them?" Amber asks.

"Not towards us, but we witnessed it when two of their pack members raped a female omega when we were visiting,"

"Whoa, what?" Ronnie replied.

"Yeah, this was like six months ago, or something like that?" I look at Dorian for confirmation, and he nods. "Dorian went to go train Yellow Moon's fighters and I went to do fitness training and hit cardio with some of their females. On the second or third morning, we were there, a female omega walked by me, and I could sense her fear. Every time a male walked by her, she tended to flinch or start crying, her soul was broken," I could see the look on Amber's and Ronnie's faces. "I could tell she was attacked, but when she showed me all of the bruising along her torso, and legs, I took her straight to their pack hospital, and sure enough, there was tearing and bruising along her lady parts, and even her behind,"

"What the fuck!?" Amber shouted. I noticed that Molly was listening too.

"Remember, being a rape victim myself, I know the signs of assault. She was afraid to tell me at first, but when I told her how I was raped at 18 and fought back the legal way, she opened up. Luckily, it had happened the night before and she hadn't showered yet. Their pack doctor did a rape kit and since all pack members' DNA is on file with the pack hospital, we found the guys that were responsible,"

"Deacon and his brothers can be assholes sometimes, but they have the utmost respect for women, especially given their birth mother was murdered by their own father," Dorian added.

"So, after I got the names from the pack doctor, I took the omega and went straight to Deacon and his brothers and had her tell them what happened in her own words," I continue. "Deacon was furious, and the omega happened to be a good friend to Apollo, he lost it real fast. Lucian didn't say anything, but his face said it all. Deacon had just implemented a 'zero tolerance' policy when it came to assaulting female pack members or assaulting any pack member. Apparently, their dad used to allow if it was used as punishment,"



"Deacon asked if I could help bring the men in, and so I did. You know me, sis, I don't tolerate that kind of shit, period. Even more now, since Allie is a victim herself," Dorian said and Amber nodded.

"Deacon's form of punishment is gruesome, to say the least," I say.

"How gruesome?" Amber asked

"Well, let's just say these men were not only executed in front of the entire pack as a form of an example of what will happen if you assault a fellow pack member…they were also…fully castrated," Amber and Molly gasped

"Oh fuck!" Ronnie said holding his manhood.

"Wait, how were they executed?" Amber asked. I couldn't answer that, thinking about it made me shiver.

"They had five pack members shift, and tied each arm, leg, and head to each wolf and they all used wolf speed to tear apart the body, while they were still alive," Dorian answered. Even to him, that was pretty grueling.

"Then they burn the body parts in a bonfire," I conclude.

"Wow, remind me to never get on their bad side," Ronnie said.

"That's why I keep telling Heather her shit is going to piss off Deacon. It's bad enough that Apollo and Lucian already don't like her after one incident, but Deacon's patience is worse than theirs. And also, given the fact that he is in love with me, that makes it a whole lot worse,"

"Molly, none of what is said on this jet leaves this cabin," Dorian tells her because she is still listening.

"Yes, Alpha,"

"Deacon wants to keep his feelings for me a secret. Only a select few people know, even the others back home don't know. Sin is the only one, but luckily, that skank knows how to keep other peoples' secrets, just not mine," I say and they all chuckle. Fucking Sin. "But I can tell you, that if Heather doesn't start acting more mature and like a future Luna, Deacon will reject her,"

We all just let out a deep sigh and even Molly shakes her head. Not long after that, we land in Miami, which brings back some memories.

"Dorian, remember that slut waitress that I embarrassed last time we were here?" I ask him.

"How can I forget? You used your Luna tone on a human," he replied. We told Amber and Ronnie what happened, and they just laughed. Dorian ended up renting a Range Rover, so we could all just be in one car and we headed to the hotel. Once we got there, I sent a quick text to Deacon. While the bellhop was unloading our bags, Deacon and his brothers came out to meet us,

"SHORTY!!" I heard three similar voices yell out. I turned around and saw them.

"Hiii!" I ran over and hugged all of them. Dorian came over and did their manly handshakes.

"Deacon, Apollo, Lucian, this is my sister Amber and her husband Ronnie. Betas of the Snell Island Pack in St. Petersburg,"

"Amber, Ronnie, it is a pleasure to meet you both. My name is Deacon Brown, Alpha of the Yellow Moon pack right outside of Olympic Valley, California. These are my triplet brothers, Apollo and Lucian,"

"Pleasure to meet you, Alpha Brown," Ronnie says shaking Deacon's hand.

"Please, call me Deacon, or D,"

"Deacon it is," Ronnie replies.

"D, we need to check-in and get our bags delivered, do you want to come with us, I think we need to talk before we go to dinner," I tell him.

"Yeah, I guess we should talk," he replies.

"Ronnie, since this involves a member of your pack, you and my sister should meet us too," Dorian tells them. They nod.

We all head inside to check-in. Amber and Ronnie's room was just down the hall from ours, and Deacon's room was one floor down, so we were all in close proximity to each other. Amber and Ronnie went to go put their stuff away, and everyone else came to our room.

"Damn!" Deacon and his brother's exclaimed.

"What kind of room is this?" Lucian asked.

"This is the penthouse suite," I replied.

"What the fuck? Shorty, I know you guys live in luxury, but holy fuck," Apollo said.

"This was not me, this was all Dorian," I tell them putting my hands on up in innocence.

"Way to flaunt your millions man," Deacon says to him. Dorian just looked at him and so did I.


"D, you might want to change the 'M' to a 'B'," I tell him. He looks at me funny and finally realizes what I meant.

"Fuck, so paying me ten million didn't mean much, did it?"

"Ten million is still a lot of fucking money asshole," Dorian replied.

"Yeah it is, for us anyway," he replies and they both just smirk at each other.

"So, I'm guessing you guys used a portion of that money to buy your own jet huh?" I asked sitting on the couch and stretching my arms out and crossing my legs.

"Sure did. It definitely comes in handy," Apollo replied. I got up and moved to the armchair so I could sit with Dorian and face the triplets. Amber and Ronnie came in and reacted the same way to the penthouse suite as the triplets did. They were in the Artist Collection Cabana Suite, which was still a nice room from what I saw online, but nothing like ours.

"Okay, now that we are all in attendance, tell me about this so-called mate of mine," Deacon said very seriously.

"Well, as I said already, her name is Heather and she is the oldest daughter to Ronnie and Amber's Alpha," I replied.

"What else?"

"She's 21, has shoulder-length brunette hair with light golden highlights, light brown eyes like Allie and is about 5'6 or so," Amber replied.

"You got a picture?" Lucian asks. Ronnie pulls out his phone and shows the triplets a recent photo of Bernie's family.

"The one on the left, that's Heather," Ronnie says while handing his phone to Deacon. Deacon takes a look and shows his brothers.

"She's okay," Apollo says.

"She's got a nice rack at least," Lucian says. Deacon doesn't even flinch at that comment. That's not a good sign.

"You said she's 21?" Deacon asks looking at Amber and she nods. "And she fucking acts like that?" he said referencing the incident that occurred over the phone earlier.

"Heather is what you would call self-entitled. I know that might be a turn-off, but she has a kind heart when she wants to be kind," Ronnie says.

"Wants to be kind? What the fuck does that mean, Beta Ronnie?" Deacon asked.

"Please, it's just Ronnie, we're all friends here," Deacon nods and smiles. "And it means that she has a temper and can be mean to others when she's in a bad mood,"

"Being in a bad mood does not give her the excuse to be a bitch to people," Lucian says. "We all heard the way she talked to Shorty, it's one thing to be a bitch, but to disrespect the Luna of another pack that way is intolerable,"

"We don't disagree with that, but Alpha Hamilton raised her to be that way because she was his firstborn. He regrets it now, especially seeing how she has been acting towards Allie," Amber said.

"Baby girl, you know how my brother's and I are when it comes to respect, dignity, and honorability," Deacon says to me.

"Yeah, I know,"

"But if this is how she acts on a normal basis, and not just because she is desperate to meet me, then I honestly don't want her as a mate. I have enough shit to deal with rebuilding my pack, profiting my real estate business, and not to mention the bullshit I went through with my ex,"

"Deacon, what are you trying to say?" Ronnie asks.

"I'm willing to meet this girl, but it's because I want to see how she is with Shorty and other people. I don't care if she the Alpha's daughter. That title alone means she should treat others with respect. If she can't do that with her own pack and guests, then there is no fucking way I'll make her the Luna of my pack," Deacon replies.

"But you are willing to meet her?" I ask to make sure I heard him right.

"I'm willing to humor the idea, but I can already tell you, Allie, I'm not interested in accepting her as my mate whatsoever," he replied.

"Shorty, we don't like her either, and as his brothers, our opinion goes a long way," Apollo said.

"Hun, will you call Bernie and let him know. But make sure that only he and Corinne know. Heather cannot find out until we get back" Amber tells Ronnie. He gets up and takes out his phone but pauses and looks back at Deacon.

"Deacon, I want to be sure you are 100% positive about meeting with my Alpha and his daughter, you know as well as I do, once I make this call, there is no turning back,"

"I'm sure, Ronnie. Please make the call," Ronnie nodded his head and walked away to make the call the Bernie.

"So, now that we got that out of the way, where are we going for dinner?" I asked with a big smile.

"Shorty, you and food," Lucian said smiling.

"Hey, food is life!"

"I made a reservation at Texas De Brazil," Deacon responded.

"YOU DID?!" he nods. "YESSSS!!" I squeal and throw my hands up in excitement. Everyone laughs at me. "Oh my god, their salad bar is fucking bomb!" I say as I pump my fist in pure joy.

"Baby, we're going to an all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse and you're raving about the salad bar?" Dorian says looking at me like I'm crazy. I was about to say something when Ronnie came back.

"What did Bernie say, hun?" Amber asks.

"He's happy that Deacon is wanting to meet, but he wasn't keen on the fact he has to keep it secret from Heather,"

"You did tell him that this is only a meeting right? Deacon is not going there to accept her," Amber pointed out.

"Yes, dear. I told him three times," we all nodded.

"You guys ready for dinner?" Apollo asks.

"I'm always ready for food!" I said while jumping up. "I just need to change into my stretchy yoga pants," I ran up the stairs to change and I could hear them all laughing at me. I quickly changed and went back down, and we left. We ended up ordering a Lyft so we could all go together, plus it was only a ten-minute drive from the hotel. Since Deacon was going to pay for dinner, I paid for the ride.

When we got to the restaurant I was trying to contain my happiness. I loved Texas De Brazil. I loved it so much that Dorian took me once every couple of months. All you can eat Brazilian steakhouse, what more could a werewolf dream of. Thanks to Deacon making a reservation, we didn't have to wait long to get seated. They put us at a large rectangular table.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Texas De Brazil, I will be your server tonight, my name is Tony, and this is Michelle, she is in training and will be assisting me. Have you all been here before?" he asks and we all nod. "Perfect then, what can I get for you all to drink?"

"Macallan on the rocks please…" Dorian asked. "…And water,"

"Make that two," Ronnie said

"Make that five," Deacon chimed in.

"Sure, five Macallan on the rocks for the gentlemen. Ladies, what about you?"

"Let me get a glass of Chateau De Pez," Amber ordered.

"May I get a glass of the Perrier-Jouet Rose please?" I asked.

"I need to see your ID please," I just looked at the server and everyone laughed at me. I pull out my ID and show it to him. He looks at it and then looks back at me and smiles. He hands it back and writes down my order and walks away.

"Why am I the only one that is ever carded?" I whine

"Shorty, you look like you're still high school," Lucian says.

"Looking young is a good thing little sister, embrace it," Amber tells me. I scowl and they all laugh at me.

"Screw all of you, I'm going to the salad bar," I say and get up. I grab a plate and fill it grilled asparagus, Caprese salad, prosciutto, different kinds of cheeses, and I get a bowl of lobster bisque. When I get back, all of our drinks are already at the table. As soon as I sat down, the meat cutters started to come by.

One by one, we got different kinds of meats like ribeye, picanha, fillet mignon, sausage links, pork loin, lamb, bacon-wrapped chicken, and a few others. We were in heaven.

"Would anyone care for some beef rib?" one of the meat cutters asked. That was Dorian's favorite, but he went to the salad bar.

"May I get one whole rib please?" I ask sweetly and smile.

"Sure," the cutter uses the big knife to cut off an entire rib section and puts in on my plate. "Enjoy,"

"Thank you,"

"Shorty, can you eat that whole thing?" Lucian asked me.

"It's for Dorian,"

"Oh, of course, the big man eats big ribs," I giggle at his comment

"Here," I said as Dorian came back and put the rib on his plate.

"Oh, you're the best baby," he said and kissed my cheek. I could feel Deacon staring and I looked at him. He just smiled and went back to eating.


"Oh my god! I'm in a food coma!" I say out loud while rubbing my overly stuffed tummy. "Thanks, so much D!"

"Yes, thank you for inviting us to dinner Deacon, that was wonderful," Amber said.

"It was my pleasure. I'm glad you all enjoyed it,"

"Let me order the Lyft so we can go back to the hotel," I say and pull out my phone. As I'm ordering our ride, I sense something and look up from my phone.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Dorian asks. I tilt my head and concentrate on the scent.

"Oh my god,"