HOME Werewolf My Mate

Chapter 6

Hope POV

Zayn held my hand the whole way to my house and even though it was a short walk my stomach was doing cartwheels. When we reached my front door and he lifted both my hands up to his mouth and kissed each one ever so softly and slowly never taking his eyes off mine. I stood there frozen as if I was under a spell, his eyes are memorizing. Then just when I thought he was going to walk away, he took my face in both his hands and closed the distance between us as his lips come crashing down on mine.

I didn't respond at first making him growl in anger. He pushed me lightly against the door and tightened his grip on me. I couldn't help but give into him... I wrapped my arms around his neck and open my mouth in acceptance. The kiss got intense as his tongue explored my mouth. His hands traveled down my back all the way down to my hips...a small moan escaped me and his kiss turned even more heated and possessive. Nobody has ever kissed me like that.

I felt like I was under his spell and couldn't break loose. "Baby" he whispered as he kissed my jaw then down my neck to my shoulder. "If you don't stop me now I won't be able to stop myself from f*****g you right here against the door"

I pulled away breathing heavy, his eyes looked really dark and he had an devilish smirk on his lips. What the heck just happened? I turned around, went inside and shut the door quickly. Oh my goddess! what have I gotten myself into...he is so intense.

Mom and dad were in the living room. I ran my hands through my hair before walking towards them.

"Hi princess" Dad greeted me. It looked like they were already dressed for dinner. I sat down next to him and put my head on his shoulder. He looked at me worried .. "Princess, Zayn is an exceptional man. Once you get to know him better, I'm sure you'll agree." I couldn't answer, I was still in a daze from his kiss.

Mom smiled, "Once you turn 18 we won't be able to keep you two apart!" she says quietly. "I remember when I first found your dad" she looks at him then got up and planted a quick kiss on his mouth then left the room.

"We have been inseparable ever since " Dad continued while watching her walk away. I couldn't help but smile at my parents and how much love they still have for one another. Dad gave me a serious look "Right now the mate bond is a painful torture for Zayn."

I look at him confused "Why?"

He took a deep breath then said, "Well princess, for one, he's an Alpha. Mates can't stand to be apart, you know that. It's in their nature to protect and love each other and being apart weakens them. For Alpha's the mate bond is multiplied by a hundred and since you can't feel the mate pull between you two yet, he's probably hurting and having a hard time controlling himself. He also has to control his wolf." He looked at me lovingly then kissed my forehead.

I stayed quiet lost in my own thoughts for a few seconds, then got up slowly "I'm going to study before I have to get ready" I went up stairs to my room thinking about what dad said and about that kiss. After reading the same sentence over and over again I knew I wasn't going to be able to study at all. I got up and took a long hot shower.

I got out with a towel around me and found my mom in my walk in closet "What dress are you going to wear?" she asked me.

"The white strapless one I bought last week" I say while I get ready to blow dry my hair.

"I love that dress and you haven't worn it yet. Listen dad and I are going up to the pack house now, I want to be there in case Maria needs help and your father wants to speak to the Alpha before dinner." she explained while she took out my white dress and laid it on my bed.

"okay, I'll meet you guys there" I told her, she hugged me and walked out.

Emily and April come to get ready at my house, we do that almost every time we go out or have to get ready for something special. April is another one of my close friends and she's also Eric's mate.

"So I heard you caused the Alpha to freak out." April said smiling.

"More like he freaked her out." Emily laughs.

I rolled my eyes at them, "I'm still in shock to be honest, he's not like any of the guys we know"

"You can say that again, he's pure alpha male they're a lot more to handle" April said.

We continued to get ready, Emily was doing April's hair and make up while I dried my hair straight then put on some light make up, I don't like to over do it. I put on my strapless bra and matching panties and April helped me zip up my dress.

"Wow Hope, you look amazing in that dress!" Emily said grinning, I could tell how happy my best friend was that I was her brother's mate. I can't wait for all my friends to find their mates.

"Zayn is going to have a hard time keeping his hands off you tonight" April winked at me. The dress is a few inches above my knees and it fits my curves perfectly. I paired it with nude stilettos.

"Let's go before Eric comes here looking for me" April laughed as we headed out. I was glad Emily brought her car I would hate to have to walk in these heels.

We entered the pack house and went straight to the Dinning Hall, it's filled with wooden round tables. Every table decorated beautifully for each family. The hall is decorated to perfection. Everything is color coordinated, exotic flowers adorn the tables and candles in crystal stands add such an elegant touch to the setting. The girls and I went our separate ways for now and I felt as though all eyes were on me. I walked towards my parents who were sitting at the Alpha's table. I bent down and gave then each a kiss as I felt a strong hand snake around my waist and I knew who it was right away, only his touch has ever given me goosebumps.

"You look absolutely stunning" Zayn growled while his eyes trailed over my body.