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I walked in the bathroom doing my business and brushed my teeth. I sighed as the thought of my sister crossed my mind and I knew I would not be able to do anything to change her decision. Not that I blame her, she is my sister and she expects me to be on her side but she really has a problem with Patrina.

I don't know what to do because I see Patrina as a different person and others see her as someone else. They think she is a spoiled kid and is very rude and arrogant. I see her as the kind, loving and caring person she is. We have known each other since we were kids and have loved each other, I would have known if she was really only pretending to be nice.

'You would have been able to see her pretence if you really wanted to see it' Alex commented, not even trying to hide his disdain for Patrina.

'Are we not supposed to be a team? You are supposed to be on my side and not team up with my family and best friends' I replied annoyed, I have had enough of everyone trying to gang up on my relationship with Patrina.

'I would have been on your team if you would have been able to see past the pretense wall your girlfriend created. Believe me she is not what you think she is and I am very sure she is not our mate because I would have at least felt attracted to her' was his answer making me sigh in disappointment.

'I don't know why you keep saying that. I have seen everything properly and I don't see anything wrong with her and if she is not our mate then she is going to be our chosen queen' I answered and he growled loudly in my head making me wince a little with the slight ache forming in my head.

'I would never accept someone like her to be my mate or queen. I want our true mate and we will only make our true mate the Luna Queen, our Queen. You can't let go of the best the gift the Moon Goddess has given us' he argued and I sighed in defeat.

'Just let go for now Alex. I really don't want to argue with you or anyone on this anymore. We will see what happens' I replied and he sat down curling himself in a ball of fur in a far corner of my head.

I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature as I waited for the water to heat up. Once the water was warm enough, I entered the shower as the warm water poured down my head. The water felt amazing on my skin as my muscles slowly relaxed and I felt the tension leaving my body slowly.

I grabbed my shampoo and applied it in my hair gently massaging my head, I washed the shampoo away and applied conditioner on my hair. Once I was done shampooing and conditioning my hair I reached for my body wash. I scrubbed my body using the bodywash allowing the warm water to wash me clean, once I was done, I stepped out of the shower towelling myself dry.

I walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist, entering my walk-in closet. I took a pair of black silk boxers pulling them on, I then grabbed dark blue jeans and black button down shirt wearing them quickly. After putting on my clothes I walked up to the dresser in my bedroom that has a full length mirror. I brushed and gelled my black hair as I took in my appearance, I looked good and I was proud of it.

I grabbed my phone and car keys walking out of my room going down the stairs to have breakfast. I walked inside the kitchen to see Lavender doing something, I walked up to her so I could talk and apologise to her, she is my little sister and I can't afford to have her stay angry with me.

"Lavi Princess, please listen to me I didn't mean to say anything like that to hurt you and I am really sorry for not carefully choosing my words" I said hoping she would smile but nothing.

"I don't need your sorry Alpha. Please I don't want you to waste your valuable time on me" she said, turning her back on me and I knew that I had screwed up big time. She walked out of the kitchen and sat down at the dining table. I went after her to have breakfast when Patrina walked in wrapping her arms around me.

"Baby, I am really sorry, I know she is angry at you because of me. I will talk to her and apologise again, I am sure she will forget everything because she loves you a lot" she cried out and a heavy sigh escaped my lips as I looked at her removing her arms from around me.

"Let it go. I will handle it my way, don't worry about anything just don't do anything stupid like this again. If you need anything then please tell me, I will get that for you but don't do what you did today, please" I said and she nodded her head looking sad.

"Let's go have breakfast" I said, grabbing her hand and dragging her to the dining table. Lavender looked at me and rolled her eyes. I greeted my parents and pulled a chair out for Patrina, she thanked me and sat down smiling gently at my parents greeting them.

My parents replied to my greeting completely ignoring her and she looked down with tears in her eyes. I felt bad for her but I couldn't do anything because I can't fight with my parents. They don't like her because they have their own preconceived ideas about her and I am sure they will change their minds once she takes up her responsibilities as the Luna Queen. I know I am making the right choice but for some reason no one agrees with me, not even my wolf.

'You don't even love her Colton, you think you love her but you don't. Can she make your heart beat out of your chest? Do you feel excited when she is with you or around you? I know she doesn't, you just don't won't accept the truth' Alex yelled at me and I sighed once again.

'I know what I am doing and saying Alex, I may not feel all that with her but I know I love her and I don't understand why is everyone so against the one thing that I want to be happy in my life' I replied and he shook his big wolf head grumpily.

'If she makes you happy then why are you not happy when she is with you? I know you will realise the truth some day and I just hope your realisation comes before it's too late' He said retreating to the back of my mind blocking me out before I could even reply.

I am tired of justifying myself in front of everyone and I am not going to do that anymore and I am going to do what I feel is right. I know I love Patrina and nothing else matters to me more in my life. I am going to prepare for her birthday and pray to the Goddess that she turns out to be my mate.

Then no one will have a problem with us being together, then I will be happy because I will be able to spend my life happily with her ruling the packs. I smiled internally at the thought. I filled my plate with food, I grabbed pancakes with chocolate syrup, bacon and eggs with a glass of juice.

I gulped down my breakfast enjoying it, I looked at Lavender as she chatted with Mom and Dad avoiding me as if I was not even there. I turned my attention to food and ate everything, I drank my juice just in time to see Lavender saying bye to our parents. She grabbed her car keys with her school bag as our Mom looked at her.

"Lavi, baby are you driving to school today?" My Mom questioned and Lavi gave her a tight smile nodding her head in agreement.

"Yes Mom, I have realised today that I have grown up and I should be able to do everything for myself. So, I am starting with driving myself to school and I have also decided I am moving out after school" she replied and my mother slowly nodded her head and looked at Lavi observing her silently.

"Lavi, did something happen? Why have you decided to move out of the house suddenly?" Mom asked after a few minutes and Lavi gave her a small smile.

"Nothing Mom, I realised today that I can't expect to have my privacy in this house especially when people tend to trust outsiders more than family. It's for the best that I move out, so everyone can have peace here" she replied and my mother's eyes immediately filled with tears, it's like they understood exactly what happened.

Dad's face hardened and his eyes filled with so much hate and anger as he eyed Patrina, then his gaze fell on me as he looked at me with anger and disappointment.

"You are right about that baby girl," Dad said looking at Lavender with soft eyes and a tender smile on his face.

"You can stay with us because we were already planning to move out after your brother's coronation. We just have to move out a little earlier than planned because you can't stay with people who don't value their family. The new house is ready anyway, we will move to the new house on Friday, keep your things ready" he said, patting Lavi's head.

"Dad, please she is making a fuss out of nothing, you can't move out of the packhouse" I said objecting to their decision hoping to somehow make them stay back.

"You don't get to tell me what I can or cannot do. I am still the king, I will do what I have to, to make my family and pack happy. You don't understand the importance of a family and you certainly don't value it, so you can't tell me what is right or wrong for the family. You have become blind but we are not blind, we can see the truth as clear as the day" he said looking with anger and venom at Patrina, she sobbed as tears spilled from her eyes.

I feel bad for her, I held her in my arms calming her down as dad shook his head in disbelief leaving the dining table leaving his breakfast.

"Mom, I am getting late for school. I'll see you in the evening, I love you, bye!" Lavi said, kissing mom's cheek and walking towards the door. Mom looked at me with so much disappointment that I felt like I failed my family. I saw her walking in the same direction as Dad went.

"I am sorry baby, it's all my fault. I am so sorry" Pat mumbled while crying. I rubbed her back trying to calm her down, wiping her tears.

"It's okay, let it go, Rina. I will handle it my way, you don't worry okay? Stop crying now or you will be late for school" I said and she gave me a small smile

I got up pulling her to her feet grabbing her bag as she grabbed her phone, we walked together to the door. We walked out to find Stephen standing near my car, I looked at him with narrowed eyes and he raised his hands in mock surrender rolling his eyes in the process.

"What are you doing here?" I asked sternly and he smiled at us.

"Oh! nothing really. Just wanted to visit school, so I thought I would tag along" he said, standing straight looking at Patrina as if trying to understand her expression.

"I saw Lavender driving her car to school. Is everything okay?" he asked, looking at Patrina with accusing eyes and I growled at him but he was unfazed. My growls have never affected my best friends for some reason when even the strongest Alpha's tend to bow down to me.

Stephen only bows his head in front of me in respect and that makes me wonder why he is not affected by me, like normally a Beta would be, I shook my head trying to focus on the task at hand.

"Yeah, everything's good, nothing to worry about" I replied and he nodded, his face still looked unconvinced. I unlocked the car as Stephen sat down in the back seat and Patrina sat beside me in the passenger seat.

I inserted the key in the ignition, started it, placed the car in drive and I pulled away from the curb, we drove in comfortable silence and reached the school about 10 minutes later. Stephen got out of the car and I got out, opening the door for Patrina, I helped her out of the car, closing the door behind her pulling her in my arms kissing her nose.

"Don't stress yourself over anything okay? I have everything handled" I said and she nodded her head with a sad smile on her lips.

"Hey, don't do that. They will realise soon that you are not what they think you are so don't worry" I said, kissing her cheek as she gave me a grateful smile.

"Thank you, what would I do without you?" she said and I shook my head with a chuckle.

"Probably sulk for me" I replied and she giggled.

"You know I love you right?" I asked and she nodded her head in agreement.

"And I love you too," she replied, kissing my cheek. I dipped down my head capturing her lips in a slow, passionate kiss. My hand moved in her hair to the back of her neck as my other hand caressed her cheek, I pulled her closer deepening the kiss and she kissed me back with equal passion.

We broke away from the kiss at the sound of a growl, I turned in time to see my best friend Dylan saying something to Stephen and he looked angry, I saw Lavender beside him with his sister Darcy. I immediately knew that Stephen must have talked to Darcy again and I felt my anger bubbling to surface. I saw Dylan taking his sister's hand and walking inside the school with Lavender following behind them while I turned and looked at Patrina.

"Tell your brother to stop bothering my best friend's sister or he won't like what comes his way" I said to her looking her dead in the eyes.

"Baby, it's their personal matter. We don't have to interfere" she replied and I looked at her seriously and she swallowed hard under my intense gaze.

"Isn't she your friend? I don't tolerate anyone following after a girl without her consent. She is literally family because I have known her brother since we were kids" I said and she nodded her head.

"I will speak to him about it,'' she said and I pecked her lips, bidding her goodbye. I sat down in the driver's seat, once I was sure she was inside the school safely and drove back to the packhouse.