HOME Werewolf My Brothers Mate

Chapter 1 - My Pathetic Life.




"You're so fucking useless Natalia, you can't even do the simplest of things without screwing up"

"P..please s..stop"

"Errrrrrm, nope"

"AAHHH!!, p..please s..stop"

"Why should I? you didn't stop when you beat Aubrey up"

My body ached as Cole delivered more kicks, punches and slaps on me whilst calling me some nasty names.

"Fucking bitch, you're nothing but a useless lying whore"

"I didn't lie Cole, Aubrey did, AAHHH!!"













I wake up with a loud gasp as tears are running down my face and my whole body is soaked with sweat.

Thank the moon goddess.

"It was just a nightmare"

I'd love to say this isn't a normal thing for me but sadly it is and has been for almost twelve years now ever since I was six years old and I became an outcast not only in my pack but also in my own family.

My name is Natalia Vasquez, I'm seventeen years old nearly eighteen and I'm the only daughter of alpha Lucas and Luna Maria Vasquez and younger sister of Cole and Angelo Vasquez, I used to be the apple of my families eyes, I was a daddys girl, my mommas best friend and my big brothers used to be super over protective off me but all of that changed thanks to my former best friend Aubrey who told a big lie on me and it dramatically changed my whole life.

You see what happened was....




"Yes sir"

I take several deep breaths before peeling my sheets off me and going into my bathroom to have a quick wash, brush my hair and change into some dry clothes.

When I'm done, I leave my room and head downstairs, it's six o'clock in the morning so everyone except alpha twatbag aka my older brother Cole is fast asleep and I don't have to deal with any of them until later on, it doesn't mean that I can relax or anything because Cole is still lingering around here somewhere.

"Morning servidora"

See what I mean?.

"G..good m..morning, a..alpha"

Yer that's right, Cole's not even alpha yet and already he's got me calling him alpha.

"Get this shit tip cleaned up, I want this place spick and span when everyone gets up and make sure breakfast is hot today"

I'll do my best considering I'm only one tiny woman making food for over three hundred people.

"Yes alpha"

I walk into the kitchen and head over to the cleaning supplies cupboard.


"Did you forget something bitch?"

"N..no a..alpha"

Cole's grip on my hair tightened causing me immense pain.

"P..please l..let m..me g..go, C..Cole"

Oh shit.

"What did you just call me?"

"N..nothing, AAHHHH!!"












Cole shouted as he left the kitchen.

After several failed attempts, I finally manage to get up feeling pain in every single part of my body and I get to work cleaning up this place and making food.

One of the shitty things about my life is that I've got the ability to heal myself fully but I can't because it means giving away my secret which only one other person knows about but she can't say anything because that means she'd have to untangle her matted web of lies.

All wolves have got the ability to fully heal themselves but normally it takes hours depending on how severe the injury is but I'm different, I can fully heal myself within thirty seconds, I found this out when Cole broke my arm a few years back and at the time I didn't know how I managed to heal myself so quickly but I later learned from my wolf that it's just one of the many special abilities I've got and that I don't have to put much effort or energy into it, sadly, I did have to put a lot of effort and energy into controlling it because I can't raise any suspicion with my family or my pack.

After I finished cleaning up and cooking, I went upstairs to my room to have a quick shower an get dressed for school, I don't know why I even bother going to school, to be honest, everybody from the students to the teachers treat me like fucking shit and I can't say anything because if I do then they'll make a complaint to my parents which means I either get a bigger beating then what I normally get or they put more chores then I can handle on my plate.

"And where the fuck are you going young lady?"

"E..erm, I..I..I'm g..going t..to sc..school"

"No you're not, you're staying home today and setting up Cole's birthday party"

"Yes sir"

I don't know if I should feel happy and relieved or sad and angry actually, I'm neither because no matter what I'm gonna end up getting ridiculed and probably beaten up because Cole is a perfectionist and if I get even the smallest detail wrong, then he's gonna kick up a shit storm worse than two fat chicks fighting over the last plate of food at an all you can eat.

"Good, now everything you need is in my office, get it and get out, if I find anything out of place you'll be punished, do you understand me?"

"Yes sir"

I head back up to my room to wait for everyone to leave, if I start now whilst people are here then I'll end up doing twice maybe thrice the job because they'll mess everything up.


"It's time to give you your birthday punches"

"B..but i..it's n..not e..even m..my b..birthday"


"Shut up, come on guys"

Oh no.

"This is gonna be fun"

All four guys including my brother smirk as they viciously beat me up.

As usual, I didn't make any noises or cry and I didn't show them they were causing me any pain because I refuse to give them anymore satisfaction.

After a good few minutes of these imbecilies kicking, punching and slapping me, they eventually leave but not before Cole lands one more kick on my face and ribs.

"See you at midnight for round two, servidora"

They leave and I lay on the floor in really bad pain.

"L..Lucky p..please....p..please h..heal m..me"

"I really wish I could Nat but I can't"

I let out a sigh.

"I really hate my life, why don't they just kill me? at least then I'll be happy"

"Don't say that Nattie, our life is gonna change soon, I promise just hold on for me, please"


"Ok Lucky"

"Good girl, now you better get up and get started before they do worse to you that I won't ever be able to heal like last time"

"Don't remind me"

I stand up ignoring all of the pain that I'm in and I go up to my room to clean myself up.

I once again change my clothes and brush my hair into a ponytail, I then go into my bathroom to clean off all of the blood and clean up all of my injuries.

I look in the mirror and gasp when I see all of the damage they've inflicted on me, my eyes sting with tears and for the first time in a very long time, I let it all out, I don't like to cry about my problems because crying won't fix any of it but every now and then I have to let it out so that I don't end up showing my tears to this disgraceful pack.

"Lucky, what am I gonna do?...they've really done a number on me this time, I don't think I can take another beating at midnight"

"Just hold on Nat, please"

I don't know if I can, if Cole and his friends beat me up at midnight like they promised then it's gonna be ten times worse because they're gonna be drunk and they may end up taking me to the torture room like last time.

"Don't worry Natalia, things are gonna get better, trust me"

"I trust you Lucky"

"Good girl"

After cleaning up all of my injuries and trying and failing to get Lucky to heal some of them, I went to my dads office and got everything that I needed to set up this stupid party.

I give the to do list a once over and realise it's not as bad as I thought, I just have to put up all of the decorations and greet the DJ, caterers and baker when they come later.

I go into the living room to get the worst job done first but I was stopped in my tracks when I heard my phone ping, I take my phone out of my pocket and groan when I see a text from Cole.

'You better have everything done to perfection, servidora because if you don't, the torture room is ready and waiting for you'

Oh lord.