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------------- RHEA--------------

I woke up the next morning, a yawn escaping my lips as I stretched. I rubbed my eyes, trying to blink away the sleepiness. I sighed, sitting up, and throwing my legs over the side of the bed, before standing up. I headed straight into bathroom to pee, and brush my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom, and I checked the time on my newly set up phone, seeing that it was 8:19.I slipped on my fluffy slippers, and the short, satin robe that the pajama set came with, leaving it open. I walked out of the closet, and over to the door, noticing that it was unlocked, and my brows furrowed in confusion.

I could've sworn I locked it last night...

Shrugging, I made my way out of the bedroom, and down the hall, saying a silent prayer of thanks, as I haven't bounced into the devil himself yet. I made it downstairs without bumping into anyone, and walked into the kitchen, where Henry was brewing coffee.

"Good morning, Henry! How are you doing this morning?" I smiled cheekily, as the older man beamed at me in return.

"Good morning Miss Rhea. I'm doing very well. How was your first day and night?" He asked.

"It was okay, and I told you to just call me Rhea." I chastised.

"My apologies, M- Rhea. I've just grown accustomed to referring to other people, as Sir, Mr. Miss, or Mrs." He smiled sheepishly.

"That's alright." I said.

"How do you like your coffee?" He asked.

"One sugar cube, and two teaspoons of cream please." I said, shifting on the stool.

He placed the coffee in front of me, and I smiled gratefully.

"Thank you."

He nodded, turning around to begin making breakfast.

"So how long have you been working here, Henry?" I asked, sipping the hot beverage, and moaning in happiness, as it settled in my tummy.

"I've been with the Cavalli family for over thirty years." I whistled, lowly, and he chuckled.

"That's a really long time. How do you like it here?" I asked, taking another sip.

"I love it. It's the only home I've ever known. Mr. Cavalli's grandfather took me in, after my village was attacked. Gave me a stable place to live, and a job. I am forever grateful for that." He said, pulling out a skillet to fry the bacon and sausages.

"What would you like for breakfast, Rhea?"

"Hmmm... I'll just have a croissant, with some of the sausages you're making. Thank you." He nodded.

"What about you? If you don't mind me asking?" He said, after a brief pause.

"There's not much to tell. Grew up in a rich household, with caring, and humble parents. Recently though, my father has been in a lot of debt, and Lukas happened to be one of his major creditors. So he sold me. To Lukas." I mumbled, tears springing to my eyes.

I was really hurt by the situation, and I don't think I'll ever get over it.

I looked up at Henry, to see him watching me with sad eyes. I laughed softly, and shook my head.

"Don't worry about me, Hen. I'm a big girl. Business is business." I said, shrugging.

My cup of coffee was now empty, and I got up, going over to the kettle, and pouring myself another cup, mixing in my sugar cube, and my cream.

"Can I help you with breakfast?" I asked.

He looked at me, surprised.

"Oh, no. You don't have to." He said.

I laid a hand on his shoulder, and smiled.

"I want to. I need something to occupy my time, or I'll go mad!" I exclaimed, causing him to laugh.

"Okay, if you insist. Can you cut up the potatoes, onions, and sweet peppers for me?" He asked.


He laid everything out on the counter, and I started with all the potatoes, carefully, but quickly dicing them up, and resting them in one of the bowls. I quickly finished the sweet peppers, and onions too, and took over from Ben, in slicing up the ham, while he began making pancakes.

"Mmmm, damn it smells good down here." I glanced up to see Apollo waltzing into the kitchen, and he did a dramatic double take when he saw me helping Henry. I rolled my eyes at him, and continued slicing the ham.

"Good morning, Mr. Apollo." Henry chuckled, as Apollo took a seat.

"Hey Hen. How come Maria isn't here yet?" Apollo asked.

"She has the day off today, Sir." Henry replied.

"Ah. Good morning princess." He said, talking to me.

I pretended to not hear him, and he laughed.

"Still feisty as ever, huh?"

"Anything else you need me to help you with Hen?" I asked, smiling sweetly, and completely ignoring Apollo.

Henry's blue eyes sparkled with laughter.

"No, Rhea. I have everything else under control."

I took a seat once again, and stiffened as Apollo stood, and took the seat right next to me.

"What do you want?" I rolled my eyes, playing with my phone.

'Why the attitude, princess? I was thinking that we can be friends." He pouted, looking at me with puppy dog eyes.

I scoffed, and rolled my eyes.

"In your dreams."

"C'mon Rhea. I'm trying here. Don't tell me that you don't need a couple friends here."

I contemplated what he said, and realized that he was right, but, I'll still keep my eye on him. I'm not letting my guard down fully around him. f**k that.


"So tell me a little about yourself."

"There's not really much to say." I replied, glancing out to the pool.

"Well, what. hobbies do you have? What do you like to do for fun?"

"Hmm. Well I play the piano, I love to paint, even though I haven't down it in a while, and I love reading, and writing novels, which you already know." I said, fiddling with my phone.

"That's really cool. What do you paint?" He asked.

"Anything, really. There's a lovely view out there, that I'd love to paint though." I sighed longingly.

"So.... Why can't you?"

"Well, I don't have any of the materials I need to paint." I said.

"After breakfast, I'll take you to the art store." He said, and I nodded.

Henry set the plate with croissant and sausages in front of me, and I thanked him, before I began eating.

"Hey! Where's my plate?" Apollo whined, making Henry chuckle.

"It's coming, Mr. Apollo."

We both sat and ate, chatting with Henry.

All of a sudden, the room became quiet, and the air was filled with tension. I could feel his formidable presence behind me, sort of like a dark force. The hairs on the back of my neck raised, as Lukas, stepped right up to me, moving my hair away from my neck. His cool breath, made a shiver go down my spine, and I tried moving away.

"Good morning, piccola gatta." He whispered. (Little kitty)

I ignored him, and the low chuckle he let out in my ear, had me clenching my thighs together.

"It's rude not to answer people, you know." He said, making me roll my eyes.

I still said nothing, and he moved away from me, greeting Henry and Apollo. He sat on the other side of me, leaving me in the middle of him and Apollo. The conversation around me, started up once again, and I kept quiet, focusing on finishing my breakfast, and then getting the f**k out of there. I stood, carrying my dishes to the sink, and after arguing back and forth with Henry, he allowed me to wash my dishes. I smiled cheekily at him, and he rolled his eyes.

"I'll meet you in thirty minutes?" I asked, talking to Apollo.

"Where are you going?" Lukas asked, eyeing me and Apollo.

"Out." I snapped, causing Apollo to choke on his food, and Lukas to growl at me.

"Do not get f*****g carried away, piccola ragazza. Where the f**k are you going?" (Little girl.)

I rolled my eyes, and walked off. It wasn't long until I heard him following behind me, as I walked towards the stairs. All of a sudden, I was thrown against the wall, a hand wrapped around my throat, as Lukas glared at me.

"I think you keep forgetting, who the f**k you are talking to." He growled, hand tightening around my throat.

I gasped for air, trying to calm the panic within my body, and breathe through my nose.

"I asked you. Where. The. f**k. Are. You. Going?" With each word, his hand tightened around my throat more, and I could feel myself giving out.

Before I could pass out though, he let go of my throat, making me gasp, as I tried hard to catch my breath.

"Apollo and I are going to the art store." I panted, wrapping my own hand around my neck.

I could already feel bruises forming, as I cowered away from Lukas.

"Now, was that so hard?" He mocked me, a sinister smile on his face.

I refused to look at him, still trying to catch my breath. I turned away from him, and walked up the stairs as quickly as I can, getting myself into my room, and closing and locking the door.

Dammit. I was hoping that I could've avoided him, for at least today.

I sighed, and walked into the bathroom, grabbing my hair holder, and piling my hair into a messy bun. I took off all my clothes, throwing it into the hamper, before stepping into the shower. I turned it on, waiting for it to get hot, before stepping under the spray. I washed my face, and scrubbed my body with my body wash, washing it off, before getting out. I dried off with my towel, and put on my face moisturizer, deodorant, and lotion, before walking into the closet. I dropped the towel on the floor, and grabbed my small suitcase, pulling out a lacy blue thong, and the matching bra. I put on the panties, and the bra, before walking over to the drawers, and pulling them open. I took out my black Adidas bodysuit, with a pair of black Adidas track pants. I put on the bodysuit, and pants, walking over to the other side of the huge closet, where all my shoes were at. I chose my all back Yeezy Boost 350s, and went to sit on the giant, comfortable arm chair off to the side, pulling on a pair of black socks, and them the sneakers. I picked up my towel off the floor, and placed it back in the bathroom, before walking back in to the closet. I laid my small hand luggage on the floor, and took out my jewelry case, taking out a pair of diamond hoops, and a silver, diamond cuban link chain. I took out my diamond encrusted Rolex watch, and put them on, before going into the bathroom to do my hair. I pulled my hair out of it's messy bun, letting it tumble down my shoulders. I combed it out, and pulled it into a neat, high pony tail, before rolling it into a neat bun at the top of my head. I didn't really feel like wearing much makeup today, so I just threw on some mascara and a lightly tinted, pink lipgloss. After I was done, I went back into the closet, and grabbed a pair of Givenchy sunglasses, from my hand luggage, and well, I didn't really need a f*****g purse, since somebody did not give me my wallet back. I walked out of the closet, deciding to officially unpack the rest of my stuff when I came back. I made the bed quickly, before walking over to the door, unlocking it, and opening it. I walked out, with my head down, and my phone clutched tightly in my hand, closing the door softly, before walking down the hall, and towards the stairs. By the time I made it downstairs, I found both Apollo, and Lukas standing by the door, with Lukas holding a pair of keys in his hand. My breathing halted for a second, and Apollo smiled at me apologetically.

"I'm sorry." He mouthed.

I gave him a small smile, avoiding Lukas' gaze.

"Are you ready?" Lukas asked me.

I nodded quietly, still refusing to look at him.

He spun on his feet, and opened the front door, letting Apollo and I walk out in front of him. We walked out to black Rolls Royce truck that was parked out front. I climbed into the backseat, and Apollo tried climbing in the back with me, only to be grabbed by the back of his collar.

"You're sitting in the front, with me." Lukas growled, causing Apollo to snicker.

I giggled as he pushed Apollo toward the front passenger seat, and I closed the door, putting my seatbelt on, as he started the truck, and drove down the long driveway, towards the huge gates. The gates open, and soon we were pulling off, down the empty road.

In thirty minutes, we were in the city, and looking for parking near the art store. I jumped out of the truck, closing the door behind me, and grabbed Apollo's hand, catching him by surprise. I ignored him, and dragged him toward the small little shop, a huge smile on my face. He grabbed a cart at the front of the store, and we began to go down each and every aisle, Lukas trailing closely behind us. I got pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, makers, colored pencils, canvas sheets, canvas boards, canvas papers, sketch pads, three paint pallets, sponges, scissors, tape, glue, glitter, oil paints, acrylic paints, and watercolor paints. I grabbed one of each type of brush that they had, along with two bowls to put water in. I also picked up an apron like smock, and threw it in the cart. Hm. I think that's it. Running down the mental list in my head, I checked off everything that I already had. Lukas grabbed the easel from the front of the store, and Lukas paid for everything, before we walked out of the store, towards the truck. We piled everything into the truck, before climbing in, and pulling off.

Lukas kept glancing in the mirror, a scowl on his face.

"We're being f*****g followed." he muttered, causing Apollo to glance back.

As soon as he said that, all f*****g hell broke loose, as the first shot was fired from the car right behind us.

"s**t!" Apollo muttered, pulling the gun out from his his jeans.

A next shot was fired, but it did not penetrate through the glass, surprisingly. I ducked down, looking back in fear as Apollo began firing round after round at the unmarked car. Then, Lukas did the f*****g craziest thing I thought possible. He made a f*****g u-turn, and began driving towards the f*****g car, narrowly missing it, as Apollo shot at the car. The unmarked car spun out of control, before crashing into a ditch at the side of the road. He reversed, parking near the car, and pulling his gun out. Apollo jumped out, before the truck even stopped moving, and pointed his gun at the car. Before Lukas jumped out of the truck, he pinned me with a lethal glare, that shook me up, more than I already was.

"Stay in the f*****g car, and lock the doors." He growled, causing me to nod rapidly.

He jumped out, quickly joining Apollo, and I sat in the truck, with the locks on, watching as they circled the car. Once they realized that there was no more potential threat, as the persons in the car was probably dead, they approached the car, cautiously, looking inside. Whatever they saw inside, couldn't be good, because Lukas stormed back over to the truck, and I quickly unlocked the doors, letting him in. Apollo was hot on his heels, looking just as pissed as he was. He climbed back in the car, and I shrunk back, as I could feel the anger radiating off of him.

"¡Vedi cosa ho detto ?! ¡Sapevo che quei russi non potevano essere fottutamente fidati!" He shouted, hitting the steering wheel in his rage. (You see what I f*****g said?! I knew those Russians couldn't be f*****g trusted!)

I watched Apollo take a few deep breaths, before answering him.

"Sì, avevi ragione, ma non c'è nulla che possiamo fare proprio in questo momento. Andiamo a casa, e poi lo scopriremo." He said calmly, causing Lukas to growl again. (Yes, you were right, but there's nothing we can do right at this minute. Let's get home, and then we'll figure it out.)

Lukas pulled off quickly, and kept looking back the entire way to ensure that we were not being followed. Before we got home, he made a call, barking orders in Italian into the phone.

By the time we pulled up in front of the house, I was still shaking like a leaf, and Apollo rushed me inside, handing me over to Henry.

"Tienila d'occhio." He murmured to Hen, causing him to nod immediately. (Keep an eye on her.)

"Si signore." (Yes Sir.)

Apollo ran back outside, and I can hear Lukas yelling, and shouting, as he opened the door, and slammed it close. I cringed. I don't speak Italian, but I know from the tone, that Lukas was using, that whatever he was saying, was not pleasant.

Henry ushered me into the kitchen, making me sit on a stool, as he began to prepare some tea for me.

He placed it in front of me, with a jar of honey, and a spoon, and gave me a weak smile.

"It's chamomile. It should help calm your nerves, and make you a little more relaxed." He said softly.

Words couldn't escape my mouth, as tears formed in my eyes. My hands shook like crazy, as I opened the jar, and he took it from me, pouring the honey into it, and mixing it. I slowly picked up the cup, and sipped from it, letting it burn my mouth. Slowly but surely, I finished it, and Hen led me over to the couch in the informal living room, and took off my sneakers, and forcing me to lay down. He turned on the TV, leaving it on the food channel, before walking back into the kitchen, probably to finish making lunch.

I stared blankly at the TV, the recent events playing over and over again in my mind.