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Hours Before Nova Arrives


Get up, my wolf said. This was his 50th try to get me up today. Usually, if a wolf lost his mate then it would be the other way around but my case was different. I miss her everyday.

No, I replied back defiantly. I didn't want to go be around a bunch of happy people when I'm this sad.

I inhaled the scent of the blankets on my bed. They were hers. Alex had decided that the house they had was too big for just him alone so he moved back into the pack house. I asked if I could have some of her things, and I guess since he felt sorry for me he said yes. I took most of her clothes and her sheets and blankets. Everyday when I came home from school my nostrils were filled with the scent of roses and vanilla. Her scent. Her beautiful and desirable scent.

You're going to be late for the graduation ceremony, my wolf said trying to reason with me. Lately nothing but school seemed like a reasonable enough explanation to get me out of bed and around people.

Like I care? Everyone that would cheer for me is either dead or gone.

Months after Nova left my Mom and Dad split. My Dad left and my Mom stayed here with me. Dad said he didn't want to live how he was living anymore. The rumors about my mother cheating on my father weren't true. It was just some cover up story that my father made to justify his crazy behavior, and mom went along with it. I mean what could she have really done. They were mated already and I was on the way. She was stuck. I told her she should've just told everyone the truth, but she always claimed the same line. She loved him.

But once he left Mom slowly came out of her shell. She even made friends with some of the other single women in the pack and then only months after that, she died. We still don't know if it's because my father was said to have been killed or if she died of natural causes. I didn't want to know. I wanted to keep hope alive, maybe my father was out there. Even though I did have him for how he treated mother, he was still the only family I had left and I wanted to at least try and make it work.

Knock Knock.

"It's open," I shouted lazily at the door.

Alex pops his head in the door and instantly frowns. I was still laying on my bed in boxers and a beater. I wasn't in the right state to be doing much of anything. He walked over to my closet and picked out some dress clothes being careful not to touch her things, he didn't want a repeat of last time. Alex had become my best friend/brother every since Nova had left. He had helped me with her leaving and my Mom's death. I'd do anything for him.

"What are you doing man? We're going to be to be late bro," he said, tossing my clothes on the bed.

"I'm not going bro."

"What the hell! Why not," he shouted angrily.

"Who is really going to be there for me? And don't say you," I asked calmly.

"I don't know. Just come on bro. Do it for me. Please?" I sighed. I knew that line was coming and that's why I just got up and pulled on the clothes that he had lain out.

"Dude, no shower," he said."You smell foul." His expression was that of disgust.

I just shook my head and stripped the clothes to get in the shower. Who was I trying to look good for, I asked myself. The only person I wanted was far away somewhere probably forgetting about me. My wolf whimpered slightly at the thought. I tried to ignore the annoying pang in my chest that came every time I thought of her.

She wouldn't do that to us, he said in her defense.

It's not like she promised. Plus, I know she has at least kissed another man because we felt it. You remember that don't you, I said bringing up that pain.

When your mate is with another the pain is unbearable. Your made, angry, hurt, jealous, sad and a whole slew of other emotions at the same time, with no way to control it. While I know whatever happened went no further than kissing, it was still very painful and depressing. It sunk me even lower than I was before. I was a complete mess. My emotions are not stable, I can't think straight, and if it wasn't for Alex I'd barely be able to run the pack. Being mate-less sucked royally.

I got out of the shower and redressed. Alex was long gone but there was a note on my bed.


I'll be downstairs waiting in the car, so hurry up or you'll miss your surprise.


I laughed at his message and grabbed my cap and gown and headed to the car. When I got in the car Alex was all smiles, it made me wonder what this surprise was. Maybe it was her. I wouldn't get my hopes up though. I wanted it to be, there was a chance she would've come for Alex's graduation.

No don't get your hopes high Maxon, I coached.

"So what's this surprise," I asked Alex as we made our way to the school.

"Why would I tell you? Then it wouldn't be a surprise." His face was well beyond excited. Whatever it was was getting him extremely excited.

"Seriously man, I don't want anymore of your surprises," I said with a smirk.

"What? Don't tell me you didn't like the strippers," he said feigning a shocked voice.

"No I didn't," I stated with finality.

"Well I promise bro, you're going to love this surprise," he promised.

I nodded and sat in silence for the rest of the ride. Hopefully, there would be no more strippers...


"Please Nova," I begged through the phone.

"No. I didn't come here for him."

"Do it for me then. Come on please? He's been a wreck without you, and it's not like I'm asking you to date him. I just want you to cheer for him," I begged again giving her my puppy dogface. I had improved it while she was gone.

"I know you're doing the face, but luckily I can't see it and the answer is still no Alex," she said.

"Damn it Nova, come on. I get that he hurt you but I think you've but him through enough. Just cheer for him."

"Ugh fine. I'll think about it," she said caving. I knew she was going to do it. My little sister was way too nice not to.

"Great. Now where are you?"

"Walking up behind you. Did you get taller," she said jokingly.

I turned around and there was my not so little any more sister. When she told me that I would barely recognize her she wasn't exaggerating. She had completely dyed her hair a raven's feather black, with matching eyebrows. She was really fit and she had a couple of noticeable tattoos. But the thing that was really shocking was that she was barely wearing any clothes. The looks that guys had been giving her were making my blood boil. Not just because she was my little sister, but also because her mate was my best friend.

"Not here for him huh," I asked playfully.

"I have no idea what you're talking about dear brother." She smiled and for the first time since she left I realized how much I actually missed her. We had been in constant contact since she left but it just wasn't the same.

I pulled her into a hug, and immediately smelled the most delicious scent ever. I took another deep breath and smelled something that smelled like chocolate and jasmine.

Mate, my wolf shouted.

Finally, I thought. I get to meet my mate.

"Hey didn't you say you came here with a friend," I asked. Maybe her friend was my mate.

"Yeah," she said slowly eyeing me strangely.

"Where is she?"

"Why," she asked. Nova wasn't stupid. She knew where I was going with this.

"I think she's my mate."

"Well she's in the bathroom. And congratulations," she shouted.

Nova and I caught up while waiting for her friend to come from the bathroom. But before she could even show her face the announcement came for all of the graduating seniors to make their way to their seats. I sighed. It was just my luck that I wouldn't get to see her. I shook my head and grumbled as I walked away. As an after thought I turned around and shouted at Nova."Don't forget to cheer for him!"

"Yeah ALRIGHT," she shouted back.

"See you at home."

"ALRIGHT!" I chuckled. She still has that temper I see.