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Almost A Year Later


I got up from my seat and walked into the empty hallway. Not a few seconds later the last bell to signify that my last year of school was over rang. My heart picked up. I was a high school graduate! Most of the senior class had rushed home to get ready for the graduation, I had opted out because I wanted to get on the road to make it Alex's. My friend Noni was coming with. She had gone home early to pack. I was already ready, now I was just clearing things from my locker before I left.

"Nova babe, sign my yearbook?"

I laughed at him."Sure Marc. You've signed mines' right?" He shook his head. I took his yearbook handing him mine and signed my generic signature.

'Marc it was a pleasure meeting you. You have really made me laugh a lot this year. Hoping we can stay in touch mutt. Love you Nova!'

"So Nova, I hear your going to UCLA. Heading back to your old pack," Marc asked.

Obviously, he was a wolf. He was a creamed skin guy with dark brown hair that matched his facial hair. His eyes were a mossy green and his lips were full and sexy. All in all he was hot, but he was just a friend. Although there were moments where he wanted to be more, but I couldn't do that. I was still feeling Maxon's pull. He was still waiting for me to come back to him.

"Yeah I am, but I'm just going to pop in on my bro and then maybe me and him can travel before we head off to college." He looked at me with doubtful eyes.

"Everything happens for a reason Nova. It was no coincidence that UCLA was the only school that received your college application. I think it's time you head back to him Nova," he said in a somber tone.

He was being utterly serious. Even though he often tried to get into my pants, mates were a touchy subject for Marc. His mate died in his arms after hunters attacked her. They had been using a mixture of silver and Wolf's Bane. If the silver didn't get you the Wolf's Bane surely would. He said it was way too much to take out and by the time they got the silver out the Wolf's Bane had made its way into the blood stream.

"I know I know. We'll see what happens," I told him brushing it off. Maxon was still a tender subject.

It's been almost a whole year since I left the pack and Maxon. I left the woods of California for the city life of Michigan, which seemed backwards I know but it was a really good change for me. It was a new experience for me but I luckily made friends, mostly wolves though. In my wolf group there is Marc, of course, Abe and Lily, Conner, Noni and Jessica.

We all belonged to the pack of the surrounding area, The Yellow Moon pack. One of the strongest packs in America thanks to the abundance of Specials, wolves like me. Wolves that were stronger than the average wolf and able to control one the five elements, control their enemy's mind, foreseeing the future, etc. There was a wolf known to existence that could do more than of those gifts until now, until me. I was able to control fire, earth, and wind and my enemy's mind. I was the ultimate weapon in combat.

While being here I learned that I was a Special. Alex told me who our mother was and what she was to everyone. The older Specials in Marc's pack told me that I was said to be the one that would end the wars the werewolf race was having with Vampires and Hunters.

The rouges really weren't a problem seeing as how the Hunters and Vampires were killing them too. We had all been united in the front so many of the Rouges that were in the area joined the pack for the time being in order to stay alive. Although most of the older members of the pack thought it was ridiculous a lot of us thought that it was a good idea.

The human friends I had I rarely spent time with other than class. They were too preoccupied with mundane human life, so I never really had things to talk about with them. How could I tell them that I could see, hear and smell everything ten times better than they ever could? How do I say that there was a reason that I was better at every sport they were? Or that there was a reason that I could eat whatever and still have the body of a model… Answer was that I couldn't.

"Okay I get it, you don't want to talk about him. Call when you and Nick get settled all right. Just to let us know you guys are safe," he said sweetly.

I nodded not looking at him. I could feel the tears beginning to pour. This was it. I was leaving the only friends I have ever had to go back to the horrible excuse for a pack. It was sad. Marc and the rest of the guys took me in and sheltered me. Making me apart of their pack. Noni and Julia were like the sisters that I had never had. They took me out shopping and taught me the art of being a sexy woman. They taught me how to be me. It was the worst day ever when we found out Julia was dead; Noni and I cried all day.

"Hey," Marc said lifting my face by my chin, making me look into his eyes."She wouldn't want you to dwell on it you know."

"Were your reading my mind again," I asked as the tears rolled down freely. My voice cracked a little but that was to be expected.

"Just peeking."

"Well don't. Do I have to put a No Boys Allowed sign on my mind," I asked giving him a small smile and chuckled. He laughed too.

"No, just have a good time and don't forget to call us. Oh and tell your bro I said what's up,' he said walking away, still chuckling.


I missed him. I had kept my promise and called him everyday before I went to school and every night before I went to bed. He kept me posted on things that were happening there. Maxon had stayed true to his words and hasn't even talked to any other female. He always asked how I was and if I was coming back soon. I made Alex swear he wasn't going to tell Maxon that I was coming back for a visit. I didn't think I would be able to leave him again and I didn't want to have to try.

I headed to my car and drove to the pack house to grab my things and get Noni. This was bound to be the best or worst two months of my life. I could go back and have everyone bully me like I had never left, or everyone would be nicer and Maxon and I would live happily ever after. I knew that Noni wouldn't let anyone tease me though, she was even more overprotective then Alex. Besides what would they tease me about? I had done a totally one-eighty since they last saw me. I wonder if Maxon would even noticed the changes I've made.