HOME Werewolf Alpha's Unwanted Mate

Chapter 7

Adaline pov

I was awoken by Lyell and his mother at 11:50 pm. They quickly told me about the events of the evening, some of which I knew from overhearing Alpha Tate and the elite on Friday, but I didn't know about the engagements. "Wait, so Gamma Kurt is engaged to a Thirteen-year-old?" I asked with a snort, trying to hold back my laughter. "And Beta Alarick is engaged to the Beta of the dead pack?" I asked, confused.

Lyell flipped his hair out of his eyes with a frustrated huff. "Of course he's not. He said he's not gay and you could very much tell Beta Ulric isn't gay either. And if Alarick is going to be engaged to anyone, it's going to be me." He said with a flashy pout, twirling his hands and waving them at himself. I shared a smile at his mother, watching her roll her eyes at his overactive imagination.

"Beta Alarick and Beta Ulric are not engaged to anyone. Beta Ulric is agreeing to stay as a guest to the pack until he either accepts as an elite or moves on to another pack. You're not caring at all about Alpha Tate being engaged to that snake of a woman Sevra?" He asked with his eyebrows raised. "I remember a time with a crush." He started with a laugh.

I glared at him, annoyed he'd bring up my stupid elementary school crush. "That was when I was a little pup and I didn't know anything about pack hierarchy because I was raised with a human until I was seven. I only played with him for a few days until I was severely beaten by his elite guard. After that, I avoided Alpha Tate even when he tried to talk to me. He left me alone once it was middle school. There wasn't a crush at all, just two little pups playing together. And I don't care at all if he's engaged to a snake. It's not like he's my mate. That would never happen."

Lyell's mother shushed us as she pulled a small homemade cake out of a box she had beside her. I felt myself tearing up, I loved these little cakes from her, it was the only cake I've ever received before. Of course, I had to make the cakes for my family members and sometimes others when it was their parties and if I was sneaky enough I could get a finger in the frosting but it was only once a year on my birthday I was allowed my own cake. Lyell would have shared some of his cake with me but his birthday always fell on the weeks the warrior apprentices had to go with the warriors to train for three weeks at the Dark wood pack but since it was a dead pack now maybe I'll be able to get a slice of his cake as well.

She lit the candles, there was barely enough room for all eighteen, and we giggled over that saying we'd have to get the candles that was a one and a nine next year. I looked at the clock, it was one minute to midnight, my birthday. I closed my eyes and pulled my long light brown hair into a sloppy handheld ponytail away from the fire as I leaned into it. I made my wish and blew.

"Hello, little one.' I blinked rapidly, leaning back, and looked around wide-eyed.

"Hello?" I repeated out loud. Lyell and his mother gave me blank-faced stares of confusion.

"I'm your wolf little one. My name is Aria. They can't hear me unless we're all in wolf form. It's nice you meet you.' She purred in my head. I jumped up and down in excitement on my bed, only stopping when I heard my stepfather threaten to kill me. At this time Lyell's mother smiled knowingly at me and Lyell still looked confused. I couldn't speak out loud, and suddenly I sat back down on the bed, curling into my knees as tears poured down my cheeks.

"You're my wolf. MY wolf. Please don't hate me. Please don't leave me.' I begged her in my head. I heard her chuckle at me.

"I will never leave you. And I have always and will always love you. We are special, you and I. No one knows it yet, but we are much more important than they think.'

I frowned at her curious words. "How are we special? We're simply omega. Not even very good omega, we can't calm people down.' She chuckled but said no more.

"Her name is Aria. She's amazing and she loves me." I told them with a whisper, lifting my head and wiping my tears. They smiled at me, hugging me close.

"We love you too girlfriend, don't forget about us." Lyell breathed into my ear. I chuckled, lightly smacking him on the arm.

"We have to leave now, and now that your wolf has come you should heal much faster. The healer said she was coming to visit you tomorrow, sorry I mean today since it's Sunday now, and hopefully I'll be seeing you bright and early on Monday for training ma'am." She said with a chuckle. I nodded at her and kissed them both on the cheek goodbye.

Once they left I ate half of the tiny cake, wrapping it back up and sticking it in the box, and hiding it under my bed. No one came in here but just in case they did I didn't want to lose the only cake I ever eat all year. After that, I quietly tiptoed to the bathroom and used it, then brushed my teeth before bed. At least I got out of cooking duty these past two mornings but I'll be required to cook again on Monday. Getting sick was the best vacation ever, though I'm sure the kitchen will be a wreck on Monday, it's still worth it.

I tiptoed back to my room and laid down in my bed, closing my eyes. "What do you look like?' I asked Aria with a sleepy smile on my face.

"I look simply beautiful. One of a kind. And that's all the information you're getting out of me. It's a surprise little one. You can wait till the next full moon.'

"But that's not till next month, I have to wait till the first full moon to transform for the first time after my 18th birthday, it's not fair my birthday just happened to be a day after the full moon this month.' I pouted.

I heard her growl in annoyance. "Whining won't get you on my good side little one. You'll still have to wait none the less. Now get to sleep, I'm mostly positive that if the healer has good news of your health your wretched parents will make you cook dinner and clean instead of having you wait till Monday.' I sighed, agreeing with her. How could I get excited over a simple sick vacation?

"Aria?' I whispered, half asleep. I felt her curiosity, waiting for me to continue. "Do we have a mate out there somewhere? Do we...do I deserve a mate?' I asked quietly, ignoring the tear that trailed singularly down my cheek into my hairline and onto the pillow.

"Little one, we most definitely have a mate. All wolves do, most just don't find them because there are so many wolves in different packs scattered all over nowadays. But we do have one. And it's not that you don't deserve one, is that they better deserve you. You're amazing and they better be amazing too or I'll bite them. Hard.' She sniffed. I giggled, another tear rolling down my cheek. I fell asleep happy, knowing, at last, I had an amazing wonderful wolf to love me and never leave me. I didn't mind much about a mate, as long as I had Aria I'd be fine.

The healer woke me up hours later, and I stretched, feeling better already. I sat up and smiled at her. "Hello dear one, anything new with how you're feeling? You're much better than I thought you would be, and you're glowing. What happened that's new?" She asked me, biting her lip in confusion.

"I turned 18 today. At midnight I met my wolf. She's so lovely, her name is Aria. I was told now that I have connected with my wolf I'll heal faster. Not as fast as I will once I can shift, but I have to wait for the next full moon for that." I explained to her quietly. She nodded, clapping her hands, and grinning at me.

"I'm so happy for you! Yes, connecting with your wolf will explain why you're so much better. Honestly, your parents stopped me on the way up here trying to see if you'd be well enough to cook dinner complaining about having to eat your brothers cooking. I think you deserve the rest though, from one previous Omega to a current one. So I slipped in this lunch pack for you. It is enough for lunch and dinner, so you won't have to be hungry up in here. Also, I got you these headphones so you can plug them into your phone and watch movies or listen to music whichever. I guess you can say it's a birthday present since it's your birthday. You just be here and relax and worry about yourself. They'll be alright for another night." She winked at me, making me laugh out loud.

"Thank you very much for your concern for me." I whispered in awe. So many people were being so nice to me lately, it was slightly overwhelming honestly. She left shortly after that and I could hear her tell my mother that I was still really weak and sick and I could go to school on Monday but breakfast might still be hard for me. She tried to get me out of it as long as she could, but I don't think my mother bought it. She came into my room and I pretended to be asleep.

"I know you're going to be just fine you vile girl. Don't think you're getting out of breakfast in the morning." She whispered. I heard her setting my alarm for the morning. "I put it earlier because there's so much more cleaning than usual. It's not my fault you went and got sick and slacked." With that, she left, not caring that I was technically asleep and if I was asleep I wouldn't have heard anything she said. I looked at my alarm and sighed, she set it at an hour earlier than usual, having me wake up at 4 am. I changed it back to 5 and got out of bed after they all left for training. With my new headphones on and my music on my phone blaring into my ears I cleaned the majority of the kitchen. Not all of it so it'll look like I did it all, but just enough that they'll think maybe they forgot to leave it too dirty for me, hoping they'll be too exhausted after training to cook let alone make too much of a mess. I cleaned the other rooms and by lunchtime sat down with my lunch from the healer excited by how delicious it looked. After that, I went and had a nice relaxing bath and scrubbed off all the grime from being sick. Then I used the rest of the time until dinner fixing my floorboards so they didn't squeak anymore. After that I ate dinner and laid down, knowing I'd still have an early morning to clean some more. It was still a fairly good day, and I was excited about getting my birthday alone. Usually, I got beat up on my birthday. This year was lots better, I still had half a cake left and I ate good food, got to soak in the bathtub, and got to meet my wolf. She was amazing, we spent all day talking and singing to the songs together.

I closed my eyes and smiled, letting myself drift to sleep, wondering faintly what would happen once school started tomorrow now that I had a wolf to help keep me in good spirits throughout the day.