She is not my Luna

T. R. Durant | Werewolf | Ongoing

The proud and almighty Alpha Hunter found out that his long-awaited mate is an omega. As one of the strongest alphas of the Realm, this would have been a terrible stain on his reputation. Omegas were known for being weak wolves and for being very submissive in nature. An Omega couldn’t ever become the Luna of the powerful Black Forest Pack. Nevertheless, Hunter and his wolf couldn’t bring themselves to reject her, although they didn’t want to accept her either, at least not as their Luna. That would be ridiculous, or so they thought. “The Alpha King let you take me here?” Clair asked. “Of course, he did! I’m an Alpha and your mate,” Hunter answered matter-of-factly. “But you said you don’t want me.” “I said I don’t want you as my mate. I never said I don’t want you,” he muttered grabbing a fistful of her hair and bringing her close to him. Clair wanted to pull him away, but her body begged for her mate. She couldn’t deny her desire, her urge to be taken by him. “Now, be a good little omega and do everything I say.” He muttered in her ear, his husky voice made goosebumps rise across her neck and collarbone. She breathed deeply, breaking the spell. Alpha or not, mate or not, Clair wouldn’t let Hunter treat her like this! She pulled away and looked into his eyes, something that not many did since Alpha wolves normally took it as a challenge. “I, Clair Valois, reject you, Alpha Hunter of the Black Forest Pack, as my mate and Alpha.” Hunter only laughed, placing two firm hands on her shoulders. “Do you think you can reject me? A feisty omega!? That’s new!” he said between chuckles. An Omega going against an Alpha’s wishes was unheard of. What to do of an Omega that tries to reject her Alpha mate?

Nerdy To Badass Werewolf

Amb3rmart1ns | Werewolf | Ongoing

Book 1, 2 and 3 of Rejection Series. This book contains all three books combined;Skylar Maine was always bullied in her school for being a nerd. But she dealt with it. Always keeping her head down. Never fighting back. Now that her brothers are the new Betas they must all leave and visit the Ancient Wolves. Skylar couldn't be happier. After her Alpha Mate rejected her, she wanted nothing more than to leave. Heck, she didn't even want a mate from the start. Knowing the outcome already. But when she returns, will she be the same? Will she let people walk all over her again? Side note, this book is composed of all three of the Rejected Series books. Hope you enjoy!

Secret Baby

Tanya Gilford | Drama | Ongoing

Mia lives in a small town in Texas. She had a baby at the age of 19, but kept the identity of her daughter's father a secret, earning her a reputation. He returns and discovers they have a child together, but is engaged to another woman. Will he give up everything to be with his little family? Or will Mia find love somewhere else?

The Beta's Daughter

Hazel Lowell | Werewolf | Ongoing

Arienne just wants to find her soulmate. But when she meets Samyak, she discovers that he's hiding a dark and painful secret that could tear them apart forever.

My Tormentor

Bunnykoo   | Romance | Ongoing

I'm not sure if I'm here, at the moment, I don't know if I'm screaming or begging him to stop as the weight of his hands on my back feels more apparent. Maybe I'm just helplessly drowning in my despair with only silent tears running down my face. Nothing matters because even my mind could not wander off and protect me for long enough to silently surrender to a horrific situation. "You lied to me, You lied to me! You said you wouldn't do this if I " The words slip away as I sob and cry out in pain. "Hm..”" Alejandro lets out a breathless chuckle, "I did?"One of his hands leaves my hip, reaching down to wrap around my throat, forcing my back into an arch so I'm faced with the reflection of myself in the mirror. It is so I can watch the deranged, lustful look in his eyes as he roughly thrusts himself in and out of me while choking me against his hand at my throat.This is cruel. This is disgusting. This is shameful. But it makes Alejandro smile in pleasure, in pride, that he's able to break me and bend me into his will. "I believe I said that I was fine if you wanted to wait, " he admits. "However, I never said how long. "The reflection of myself in the mirror is someone unrecognisable; she's broken, and angry. I can see my eyes darken in misery, in hatred. The mirror also provides me with Alejandro's expression, filled with contentment and satisfaction. "I HATE YOU," I spit out with every inch of dignity that I may have left. The statement left no mark on Alejandro, instead, he thrusts into me harder, making me cry out but I didn't care, not anymore.

The Summer Moon

Ally Parker | Romance | Ongoing

Malia has always lived her life by her mother's rules, and up until this point she's been okay with that. After all, she was a straight A student, dating one of the most popular boys in school, and captain of the girl's field hockey team. But when her boyfriend turned out to be a cheater and her friends fake, Malia finds herself dying to break out of her mother's chains and her dad has handed her the perfect ticket. Malia's life is turned upside down when she breaks her mother's number one rule and decides to spend her last summer before college visiting her dad in a small Florida town that is home to one of North America's largest werewolf populations.Everything about this town tells Malia she doesn't belong and should run for the hills, but then comes Ty. He's charming, funny, a rule-breaker, and the total opposite of Malia's usual crowd. But when she looks into his eyes Malia can't help but feel like she's at home. A summer that Malia thought was just going to be a short escape from her boring life becomes a journey uncovering the secrets of her past and falling in love with someone she never imagined.

Their Cursed

author-avater quirky.quinn | Werewolf | Ongoing

Remi thinks she is an ordinary girl. Calder and Cullen come into her life and find out she is anything but. Before she can come to terms with what she is and the world she was hidden from, Remi must face danger from those who forced her to be hidden away.

P.S. You're My Mate P.S. You're My Mate

Kylie. G | Werewolf | Ongoing

BOOK ONE:"You can fight me all you want, Grace, but you can't ignore what you feel for me forever. If neither of us reject each other the bond only grows stronger. You feel it don't you, your need for me," He calmly said, inching his way toward me. I glared at him, the sound of his voice had me pooling in my. I hated that, hated that all it took was his voice to turn me on, "You're not my mate. I refuse to believe it!" Was all I said before I stormed out of there.__________________________After a drunken one night stand with a stranger, Grace Evans wakes up with a note left at her bedside. The last words of the note both startle and confuse her especially since she saw her mate die in front of her very eyes. What happens when the mysterious stranger now comes to claim her? Will she give in to him or will she reject him, killing his wolf and breaking his heart?

The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Cat Smith | Werewolf | Ongoing

Winter has only ever known love for a short time in her life. When her mother is killed by rogues, her father and brother blame her even though she was only five years old at the time. That's when the abuse and the bullying starts. When she's rejected by her mate upon their first meeting, she doesn't even put up a fight, used to being disappointed in life. Her mate failed to sever the mate bond completely though and when something traumatic happens to Winter, she becomes mute, silent, unable to trust anyone and anything anymore. She runs, eventually finding her second chance mate who is not quite what she's expecting. Will he be able to break down the barriers she has up and show her what love is? In the end Winter is forced to realise that sometimes you have to trust, not only the people around you, but in yourself as well.

The Alpha's Flower

teast87  | Werewolf | Ongoing

My name is Rose Bailey. I am seventeen years old and about to start my senior year of High school. I have always lived a normal, boring, human life. Never believed in the supernatural or the love at first sight sh#t that others girls my age fall for. That is until I move with my mom and two brothers back to the small town where my mom grew up. My mom makes us stay at this house or should I say castle with a lot of other people living their. Imagine my surprise when I walked in on a man and two women that looked to be 20 or 21 having in a room that looks like an office. Imagine how surprised I was when I was froze in place, unable to move as I felt a sharp pain in my chest from seeing them together as he one from behind while she leaned over a desk from pleasure and the other women was him. The man froze in place and looked at me with a guilty look on his face. The pain got worse in my chest and before I blacked out I swore I heard him say Mate! 

Omega to Luna

Kirsten_Raymond | Fantasy | Ongoing

Her life was barely a life at all. He got everything he dreamed of. Under the circumstances that they meet will they be able to push past there differences and learn to accept each other or will they go there separate ways as rejected wolves? Zaraphine Knight is the second daughter to Alpha Jasper Knight of Blue Moon pack. Atticus Black took over as Alpha when he turned 18 of Blood Moon pack.

Jaded Hearts (Book 2 of Blue Moon Series)

Ambernique Leggett | Werewolf | Ongoing

Taylor has been hurt in the past. Really hurt. What happens when she, a simple human, is mated to Matt Stone, the Gamma of the Blue Moon Pack? Matt knows that she is the missing piece that he has been searching for but he has to first teach her about his life as a wolf, and all that goes into it before she can truly be his. When the shadows from her past come back to haunt her, will they be strong enough to overcome or will the darkness take them both?

The Alpha's Slave Mate

Danielle Bush | Werewolf | Ongoing

Daphne is used to being hated. She has been hated since birth. Considered a slave, lower than an Omega her life is miserable. Her parents are the Alpha and the Luna of her pack, but they hate her more than anyone else. She dreams of escaping her life, but sees no end to the abuse. She has never dreamed of finding a mate, knowing that no one will ever really love or want her. So why does Alpha Caleb stand up for her?Caleb is one of the strongest Alphas of his time. His pack is known for their fearlessness, and strength. He has never wavered in his decisions. So why does he feel such a pull towards a slave? After saving her life Caleb can't get her scent off his mind. Could the Moon Goddess have really mated him with a slave?

Desert Storm (Complete) (Book 2 to Desert Series)

Eunie | Werewolf | Ongoing

Allie and friends are back. Things have been looking up for Allie and Dorian. Their lives are filled with happiness and love, and more friends than Allie could have ever imagined. But what happens when Allie's gift to help find one's mate takes a terrible turn and things don't go according to plan? Allie finds herself with a new enemy and more drama than she ever could have imagined. Her friends and family are put in danger once again. Allie and Desert Moon find themselves on a roller coaster of emotions, dangers, and unexpected events. Will she be able to overcome it all like she did before, or will she robbed of her happiness that she fought so hard for?

My Second Chance Mate

Enna Mortenson | Werewolf | Ongoing

Natalie is the daughter of Alpha Angus, of the White Mountain pack. She left her home to live among the humans, following a violent, hate-fueled rejection from her Mate. Regardless of her reason for leaving, as the Alpha's daughter, her departure caused an uproar and brought shame to her family. Three years later, Natalie lives in an apartment in a picturesque neighborhood in Manhattan. She works as the office manager at a small advertising company. She has a human boyfriend. She keeps to herself, lives a simple life, and she likes it that way. But then her neighbor goes missing. Her disappearance is followed by a string of strange murders. Natalie's mother contacts her to warn her of impending danger. She finds her second chance Mate, but she panics and flees. Ultimately, she's forced to return to her pack, thus marking an end to her simple, human life. She's thrust into a mess of deception, betrayal, fear, death, and blood.

My Mate

Grace H | Werewolf | Ongoing

Hope is the only daughter to one of the strongest and powerful Betas ever known. Ever since she was a child she has been blessed with loving parents, beauty and poise. Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to be with her. Find out what happens when she is mated to the most eligible bachelor and soon to be Alpha. He has never had to fight for a woman's affection, he's ruthless, dominant and possessive. He's also almost ten years older than her and already very successful while she's not even eighteen yet. What happens when a jealous woman from his past causes trauma? Will Hope disregard the mate bond and move on....or will his dominating character over power her?

Her Unwanted Mate On The Throne

Caroline Above Story | Werewolf | Ongoing

I'm a prisoned omega.A slave maid.While the prince who forced himself on me claimed me as his MATE.---------Get up, quickly! Prince William is here, he asked for all of the maids to be checked!"That woke her, she scrambled out of bed and almost tripped over herself. Doris paled at the thought of facing him. "Checked? Checked for what?""Apparently he left a mark on one of the girl's neck." Beth already looked delighted from the gossip, she started shoving clothes at Doris before she paused. "What's wrong? Are you feeling alright?""Nothing's wrong!" Doris turned away to change, "I was just wondering what he could possibly want with her. She's just a maid, after all." Doris touched the mark at her neck beneath her dress. The makeup she used would surely have rubbed off by now-she needed to reapply it before she left. If he found out it was Doris he was looking for, would be able to leave the palace?

Hybrid Aria

Jessica Hall | Fantasy | Ongoing

When werewolf hybrid Aria escapes her abusive stepfater, the alpha of the Blackmoon Pack, she has no idea what kind of trouble she's gotten herself in to. With her little sister Lily by her side, she finds herself in the maw of an enemy's territory. An enemy that will surely bring about not only her demise, but that of the girl she's practically raised. Reid the Alpha of the Bloodmoon Pack was known for being cruel and merciless and had driven Hybrid's into extinction, now Aria must find a way to keep her secret from coming to light which is easier said then done when he suddenly starts showing an interest in her. But Reid has a secret to Aria is his mate. Aria tries her best to avoid him at all cost, yet she can't help but feel drawn to him putting her life at risk. So what happens when he learns the truth and she finds out she is to be his mate, will he hand her back to her stepfather and refect her or will he fight to keep her safe from those who hunt her. A tantalizing werewolf erotica, Jessica Hall's "Hybrid Aria" is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a novel of intense romance, intriguing advanture, and feral lovemaking.

The Unloved Luna Queen The Unloved Luna Queen

Midnight Shines | Werewolf | Ongoing

Darcy a 17-year-old Alpha Female wants nothing more than to be loved. Being always ignored by her parents and looked down upon, the only love she ever knew was from her elder twin brother, Dylan and her best friend Lavender. She believes all her miseries will come to an end when she finds her mate. Colton is the next in line Alpha King who wants nothing more than to take his childhood sweetheart Patrina as his chosen Queen. He doesn't want anything to do with his true mate and wishes to spend his life with the woman he loved, but everything changes when he finds his true mate on the day of his coronation ceremony and is forced to accept her as his Queen and Mate. Stephen is the next in line Beta of the royal pack or so he thought. He has always been in love with Darcy but decided to stay away when he realised she wanted to find her true mate. Everyone's worlds come crashing down when Darcy is accused of a murder conspiracy. While proving Darcy innocent a lot from the past is revealed leaving everyone shocked. Will Darcy be able to find the love she always craved and deserved? Will Colton realise his mistake before it is too late? Will Stephen be able to move on with his life without Darcy? Follow on their journey to find out.

The Shadow Alpha

Kajal Haripersad  | Werewolf | Ongoing

His eyes locked with mine and I could feel the strength of the mate bond gnawing at me, but I forced it down. Devin eyed me with annoyance and prominent in his gorgeous grey eyes.“Alpha Devin, this is my daughter.” Papa Jamie said with pride in his voice. Devin gave him a weird look, but turned to me instead. Before he could speak I cut him off with a surveying look from head to toe. He was still as hot as hell if not more; his body was more built and his face more chiseled than before. He looked all man and sue me for finding it sexy. mate bond. My eyes were void of emotion as I looked at the pack that flanked him and back into his stormy grey eyes. I stuck out my hand with a smirk on my face, “Welcome to the Blue Moon Pack.” He grasped my hand and shocks ran up my arm and through my body as it did his causing his eyes to widen, but before he could react I continued. “I am Alpha Allison Trust Wells.” My tone oozed confidence and mirth. I heard a few gasps, but the biggest reaction I got was from Devin whose eyes widened in shock.~~~A story of hurt, betrayal and second chances in a world of mystical creatures. Allison is a young Shewolf with a gift from the Goddess Selene. Join her as she navigates the web of secrets and lies weaved by the people she once thought of as family and learns forgiveness.Not all second chances are started on a clean slate...