My Second Chance Mate Natalie is the daughter of Alpha Angus, of the White Mountain pack. She left her home to live among the humans, following a violent, hate-fueled rejection from her Mate. Regardless of her reason for leaving, as the Alpha's daughter, her departure caused an uproar and brought shame to her family. Three years later, Natalie lives in an apartment in a picturesque neighborhood in Manhattan. She works as the office manager at a small advertising company. She has a human boyfriend. She keeps to herself, lives a simple life, and she likes it that way. But then her neighbor goes missing. Her disappearance is followed by a string of strange murders. Natalie's mother contacts her to warn her of impending danger. She finds her second chance Mate, but she panics and flees. Ultimately, she's forced to return to her pack, thus marking an end to her simple, human life. She's thrust into a mess of deception, betrayal, fear, death, and blood. Author: Enna Mortenson
    My Mate Hope is the only daughter to one of the strongest and powerful Betas ever known. Ever since she was a child she has been blessed with loving parents, beauty and poise. Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to be with her. Find out what happens when she is mated to the most eligible bachelor and soon to be Alpha. He has never had to fight for a woman's affection, he's ruthless, dominant and possessive. He's also almost ten years older than her and already very successful while she's not even eighteen yet. What happens when a jealous woman from his past causes trauma? Will Hope disregard the mate bond and move on....or will his dominating character over power her? Author: Grace H
    Rejected and Forsaken Lily has been bullied and abused for years, but after her mate rejects her, she decides it's time to fight back. Something broke inside of her when Kyle rejected their connection, but she puts her broken pieces back together to make someone stronger and tougher. Lily's pack may have turned against her, and her family may hate her, but she is finally learning that she deserves better. It's time they learn that too and she'll be the one to show them all. With help from Matt and Finn, the new student and teacher who fight to protect her, Lily will finally become the strong werewolf she was meant to be. Author: author-avater Maggie Ireland
    My Brothers Mate Natalia Vasquez hasn't lived an easy life, she's been bullied, tortured and abused ever since she was six years old by the very people who were supposed to love, cherish and protect her and it's all thanks to a lie that was created by someone who she thought was her best friend. At the age of six, Natalia shifted which is taboo even for alpha wolves, all wolves shift at eighteen so for Natalia to shift this early is bizarre, one day Natalia was running in her wolf form when she found her best friend Aubrey being attacked by a rogue, she saved her friend but when they got back to the packhouse, Aubrey lied to their elders and said that Natalia was the one who attacked her because she was trying to run away and when she tried to stop her, she went crazy and attacked her. Ever since that day, Natalias life has been a living hell and she's literally endured every single thing thrown at her including plates, chairs and insults with hopes of meeting her mate and him saving her like Prince Charming saved Cinderella but all her hopes and dreams are thrown down the toilet when she finds her mate and he instantly rejects her. Natalia thought her life would end after being rejected but shockingly it didn't, it was only the beginning of a brand new life for her, will her mate be joining her for the ride? or will she leave him in the dust? only time will tell. Author: MizzLaura
    Mated to the Alpha Knight Celeste Williamson is about to turn eighteen, which means she's about to find her mate - this is fine and all, but what happens when her mate turns out to be her brother? Will she accept him or find out a hidden truth? Be his mate or reject him to keep her own sanity? Not only is her brother her mate, but talk of a prophecy starts to cloud her judgement... And even worse, Celeste seems to be the target... How will she balance these challenges? Will she find out her entire life has been a lie? Or will she find her destiny within these hidden truths? COMPLETED Author: Elizabeth Jane  
    Broken Mate Evan comes near the table smirking where I am and starts to pour his own drink. He is inches away but I keep staring straight, trying to ignore him. That's when I feel his hand caressing my arm and then he starts whistling that tune. The tune that reminds me of him, my body shakes and the tray that I was holding falls with a loud shatter but I'm not in this room anymore. My mind is back at that moment, back in that room with Evan. "No no no no no no no." I say in a whisper and whimpering as I kneel on the floor with my body moving by itself picking up the mess. But it's like a am not seeing what is in front of me anymore. My body wants to automatically run as I remember what he tried to do that time. I feel someone touch me and say something but I can't make it out. I panic and start swinging my hands trying to get them away from me. "Don't touch me! Don't touch me!!" I yell and then I feel someone slap me. I look up with tears streaming down my face and finally notice the Luna, she is looking at me pissed. I look around the room and everyone is looking at me shocked except for Alpha Cristian who has a bloodied nose and looks at me like he can't believe what just happened. (Oh no....did I hit him?... I am so dead.) Author: Warning- If you have read my previous books then I must warn you that this one will be different. It is a smidge darker. Author: Norisha May
    My Bosses Pretend Lover When I first started as Mr. Hayes assistant over two years ago he was happy, sweet, a great boss. A man who had everything anyone could want. That all changed six months when his wife... The love of his life left him for another man. He went from the man that believed in true to love to using woman only for pleasure. He went from happy to dark...sweet to bitter and became so closed off from everything he became a shadow of himself. He was no longer the man that had everything. He changed but I never realized my life was gonna change too when one day he called me to his office asking me to do something. He shouldn’t...ask me to do something that I should have said no to. The day he asked me to pretend to be his lover to get back at his soon to be ex-wife who was rubbing her new relationship in his face. Why did he choose me when he was surrounded by a woman more beautiful than me... a woman who wanted him in ways I never, well so I thought...he asked me because I was the one his wife disliked from day one. Author: AyrGal89
    Once Upon a One-night-stand "You pleased me," Said the man. "I had no interest in pleasing you.” She said, covering up her nakedness with a quilt. “Last night was a mistake. Please, forget that it ever happened." "I don’t think I can," he said, tucking her hair behind her ear. “You have me utterly spellbound. I can’t get your taste from my mouth. YOU ARE MINE NOW.” This is a sweet love story with a little twist. Once upon a time, the noble prince has a one-night-stand with a... Author: Bella
    Never again .."I, Alpha Andrew Miller reject you Amanda Anderson as my mate and Luna"... I was rejected, humiliated and left heartbroken all because I was human. My wish to be loved was apparently never going to happen. Acting like the rejection never happened, like it was just a little irrelevant episode in my life not even worth to mention to anyone my life goes forward. Like they say 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. And it did.... Leaving my broken heart in that hotel room I vowed to never fall for a trap called 'mate bond' . Never again...little did I know, that my vow will be put to the test, my world would turn upside down and my broken heart will start to mend.. I am Amanda Anderson and this is my story... Author: Malgorzata Uchto
    Year of Goodbyes Twenty-five years old Arabella steps out of the plane and breathes the fresh air of Arizona. It has been six years since she left, but nothing much has changed except her. Memories of the past came flooding in like an avalanche in her brain. But she's not here to reminisce. She's here for her mom. She rushed through the gate with her 5-year-old daughter in her arms and went out to catch a cab. But she didn't expect to see the one person she had dreaded seeing for many years. Liam Jones Liam Jones was dangerously handsome, a very successful Pediatrician, and was about to make an important decision in his life until he ran into the girl who broke his heart many years ago. Will they give each other a chance and finally face and explore their feelings for each other? Will they let their fear of rejection get in the way of a happy ever after, especially if Sophie is involved? Author: Phoenix
    An Unexpected Wolf Rank I can pinpoint the exact moment that my life went t**s up. That one word associated with my name was the spark which caused my life to implode - Omega. My name is Samantha Bailey and I am part of Crescent Moon Pack. My parents are highly respected fighters in our pack and they both come from Beta blood. --- "Jason Wright - Alpha" I scoff. "Pff, no surprise here." We are about to start our last year in high school, and just before that starts we are given our ranks by our headmaster. "Samantha Bailey - ..." well, I guess you've figured out already I didn't get the rank I was expecting. Author: Elle Bass
    Alpha's Unwanted Mate Alpha Tate's mother died when he was a toddler making him denounce all forms of love and ideas of mates, with only the thought in mind to marry the best and the strongest to make sure the pack would be on top so his father would be proud of him. Beta Alarick has been living his life in a lie that's slowly tearing at him until one day he just can't take it anymore. Warrior Lyell is openly gay living in a pack full of those who are against same gender relationships, having to hide his true love or else he will be demoted and banished, along with the one he loves. Omega Adaline lives her life as invisible, a shadow, a servant even in her own household and abused by her family. She grew up knowing if she found her mate they would reject her because of her status. But once she comes of age and finds her mate, he hesitates, keeping her close instead. In the meantime another wolf has his eye on Adaline, making her mate furious. Will Adaline get rejected? Will she ever get her happy ending? And what is the secret about Adaline's true powers that her wolf is keeping quiet about? Author: Gaydar
    Alpha Of Aberdeen Chloe was a human living in a werewolf world. Learning that her best friend Amelia was a wolf at a young age never fazed her, and she found comfort in knowing that there was more than human out there. Times had been hard for Chloe and her sister Marley since they lost their parents, but she found her place with Amelia and her family moving forward. Chloe was now a thriving college student on the verge of graduating, living on her own, and had no plans to bring herself into Amelia's world, knowing all too well that werewolves and humans didn't mix, but that all changed when Amelia invited her to the Aberdeen ball, the biggest party of the year for her best friends pack. How could she say no when Amelia gave her best pouty face and puppy dog eyes? Chloe agreed simply to help her friend feel at ease, but what she wasn't prepared for was meeting the Alpha. Copyright 2020 Author: Cc Lopez
    Alpha Asher Lola always assumed that her and her boyfriend Alpha Tyler were mates. On Tyler's 18th birthday, her world comes crumbling down. Broken hearted, she flees from her pack for an entire year. Tragedy forces Lola to return home where she finds the infamous Alpha Asher in charge. This time around, Lola may actually have a shot at happiness. That is, until she finds out who her mate truly is. Author: Jane Doe
    Abused and Broken How do you know what love is when the only love you have ever know comes with bruises cuts and being told you are nothing? Short answer is you can't know what it truly is. It is a risk. That is not a risk I can take. Ember is a wolf. Her dad is abusive and leaves the pack with her in order to avoid anyone learning about the things he does to her. Her first day she finds her mate. However, she doesn't want a mate not after what she saw her father do to her mother. She must hide herself. But how long can she hide from the future Alpha who is looking everywhere for his mate? In the process of edits all chapters! Please hang in there! Author: Brittney
    A Secret Alpha Mate Isla was orphaned at the age of four when her rogue parents died attacking another pack. She was taken in by one of the oldest, and most prominent packs in the werewolf world Silver Moon. She has always counted herself lucky to be taken in as an omega, and have her life spared, even though the conditions for omegas are almost slave like and they are denied their most basic freedoms. When she turns 18 and gains her wolf, her wolf tells her that her life in is danger and she needs to make the choice to stay and risk it all or follow in the footsteps of her rogue parents, even though she swore she never would. Author: Alexandra Diane
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